Walmart Price Match Policy Guide

The retailers often have a price adjustment policy to benefit customers. It is a great deal of satisfaction for the new customers. The price match policy is valid for a certain period of time. If the price drops within that period of time, then the seller returns back the difference in cash. This concept shouldn’t be mixed with the return policies. Rather, the price match policy only refunds the differential amount. The differential amount is returned even if the product is used. The return policies adhere to some strict terms and conditions. Some of the retailers have dissimilar policies for online purchase and in-store shopping. Items on clearance sale and on special deals are normally not included in the price match policies.

Walmart Price Matching Policy

Walmart is a multinational retailer based in the United States. It is a chain of huge departmental stores and warehouses spread far and wide in the country. It has earned the reputation of one of the most trusted brand amongst customers. Its user friendly policies related to the purchasing of products is well appreciated by customers. Price match policy is one great customer retention scheme by Walmart. The Walmart retailer offer price adjustment even after the product is sold and used. The customers can claim a refund within 7 days of the date of purchase. The price adjustment policy does not include clearance sale items, special deals items, Black Friday or Thanksgiving items. The purchase of an item using any discount card also does not come under this policy. This offer is only for online purchases. It does not include any purchase from the Walmart outlet.

How To Price Match Product At Walmart Store Or Online

Step A – Visit the price match page via Walmart Corporate->

Step B – Read through the latest terms of what products can and cannot be price matched.

Step C – Go in store with a print out or listing of your desired product.

Step D – If you are price matching online ->

Step E – Show the customer support agent your online price for your product to be matched.

Walmart is not longer price matching third party sellers. Due to the recent PS4 for $90 loophole that was recently available.

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