How To Check My Verizon Bill & Service Online

The My Verizon mobile service allows users to keep track of their bills and services through a simple app for a mobile phone.  Users can monitor their usage, view payments made and bills due and view and make changes to plans and devices. It is simple for existing Verizon customers to sign up for the service, and then begin to manage their account from their mobile device.

About Verizon

Verizon was born in 2000 out of a union between Vodafone and Bell Atlantic Corp. It became the largest wireless communications provider in the US after acquiring GTE wireless just 3 months of operations, and was the first 3G provider in the country.

Verizon stand for a wide ranging mobile network that covers 100 million connections across the US, and coverage in over 200 countries across the globe, as well as a reliable, fast and powerful wireless network.

What you will need to register for the My Verizon Service

  • You will need your mobile number to register as part of the registration process involves sending a text message to your mobile device in order to confirm your identity. This text will not cost anything, and will simply contain a temporary password. If you are not able to receive text messages the password will be sent in an email
  • The Billing system password for the account will also be required during the registration process. This password is the last four digits of the account owner’s social security number; however the account owner may choose to change this password to whatever they choose at

Registering for a My Verizon Mobile account is a very simple process and give you as the user full control and visibility of all your Verizon accounts, bills and access, allowing you to manage everything at any time of the day or night, wherever you are.

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  1. why did my bill go up 10.00 more

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