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At Vanguard they are focused on what matters most to you over the long-term. With the wide range of financial products we want to help you make smart investment choices by giving you all the information you need to get what you want. Their belief is they don’t believe in using complex language; they prefer to give it to you straight and clear information to give you the best possible investment options.

Founded in the mid 1970s in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania we’ve come a long way the same way George Washington did so long ago in Valley Forge. Today our total assets value approximately $2.2 trillion in U.S. mutual funds.

Who They Are:

John Bogle, Vanguard’s first director, had a simple vision in 1970s and that was to have a mutual fund, which owns the management company. That way fund shareholders only pay what it costs to operate the funds. A few years later at the debut of the 401(k) era Vanguard was one of the first organizations to provide retirement plan investments and services which became the standard to aspire to.

Vanguard’s clients come first in everything they do as a company, which is they we have a solemn pledge to you.

  • Your interests always come first, and the risk is evenly spread between our assets and your own. We are in this for the long-haul with you
  • Using highly effective controls we will protect your assets and confidential information
  • Our team of talented staff will make sure your financial needs are cared for
  • Constantly searching for ways to make your investments as effective as possible

With personalized care our team of advisors will design an investment strategy best suited to your needs. Vanguard is different; we put your interests first and cater our entire strategy to making your experience as enjoyable as possible.

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Active equity investments at Vanguard total $200+ billion, but we have partnered with specialized expert organizations to manage these investments externally. The Active Equity Group consists of heavy-hitters like Wellington Management Company, LLP, and PRIMECAP Management Company, who can offer access to active equity managers across a wide range of market segments and specializations.


Vangaurd is a huge part of the communities where they operate and work hard to give back. Vanguard is rated as one of the top 20 U.S. nonprofit organizations and since the late 1990s they have been working to help donors expand their philanthropic goals in order to make their charitable impacts as meaningful as possible.

Philanthropic projects are part of our mission and they believe that giving should be strategic both in how it is funded and how those funds are invested to worthy causes.

To date they have funded over $4 billion dollars and with the broad range of investment options we can provide our clients with international and domestic asset classes allowing you to tailor your strategy to meet your risk tolerance. They believe in giving you options and at Vanguard we strive to give you a good investment to maximize your charitable giving.

Vanguard is a client-owned company and our proved history of successful investment is tied in with our history of reducing expense ratios. We work hard to pass any savings down to you into your philanthropic account. Many banks stack up fees onto their customers, not us. At Vanguard we keep investment costs low, we want to make your charitable dollars go the furthest they possible can

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