How to Track Your UPS Shipment Online

How to Track Your UPS Shipment Online offers a variety of transit delivery services around the world, making it easier and faster for products to reach their final destination point. Once your package has been shipped, you can also log in to to receive up-to-date tracking information. This information can provide proof of transit to shippers and peace of mind regarding anticipated delivery dates for recipients.

About UPS
UPS My Choice is known around the world as being an innovative leader in shipping solutions. Originally formed in 1998 as an express delivery service, UPS has continually expanded and diversified its services. Today, the company offers freight, ground, and express services to facilitate the transit of shipments around the world.

How Can You Track your Shipment Online with
1. An Internet-connected device
2. UPS tracking number

Step-by-Step Guide
1. Begin by logging on to

2. Choose your location..

3. Next, click on Track by Reference or Track by Tracking Number. (Located on left)

4. Enter your tracking number. If you missed a delivery and a door tag was left in your absence, you can also enter the  tag number. This information should be located on the waybill or airbill provided to you by UPS My Choice Account. If you are the receiver of the package, the sender should be able to provide you with this information. If you have multiple packages that you need to track, the site allows you to enter as many as thirty tracking numbers at once. Make certain that you do not enter any dashes or spaces when entering the tracking numbers.

5. Click Track when you are finished entering all of the relevant tracking numbers.

6. Once this information is entered, a new page will appear with your tracking information.

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