Trivago Hotel Search App For iPhone And Android Users

Planning vacations and searching for affordable and cozy hotels at your destination, this is what Trivago is all about. Trivago has been the best hotel search website and now it’s available on the go. Be in office, on the shopping, behind the wheel or wherever you are; now it’s just a matter of minutes to find and book a nice hotel room for your next tour. The mobile app will not let you miss out any best hotel deal now. Over 700,000 renowned hotels would be under your eyes. You can easily compare prices of different hotels just in one click. Once you find your preferred hotel, all you need to do is that click the link and here you are on that hotel’s site.

Trivago Now Available On Mobile Devices

Though this app you can sift through more than two hundred hotel reservation sites to grub up the best deals available, myriad of choices gathered together at one portal. There’re several search filters to narrow down your hotel hunt and order the results by location, price, or reviews, etc. Check out the deal, review its rate and proceed with your booking in case it is up to your choice. Trivago is a user friendly mobile app. Just select the area you’re visiting, your visit dates as well as the type of room you’re in search of, and then it’s all up to Trivago to show you the list of all available matching accommodations.

How To Download Trivago App On Your iPhone Or Android Phone

Step 1: For iPhone users open your app store. For Android users open your google play store and search  “Trivago”. Otherwise you may visit the site on your mobile browser. –

Step 2: Click on ‘Install’ button there.

Step 3: It’ll ask for App Permissions that you’ve to accept to proceed with installation.

Step 4: Once you click on the Accept button, it’ll start downloading and installing the Trivago app on your mobile.

Step 5: After installation is complete, you can now run the app and start searching for the hotel deals up to different search criteria.

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