Thirty One Gifts Consultant: Bags, Purses, Totes

Many people enjoy the idea of owning their own business. This would put them in control of their income, hours and allow them to have the final say in how the business is run. Working with a medium that you enjoy can also bring more enthusiasm to your working environment. Women that appreciate fashion accessories enjoy working as a Thirty-One Gifts consultant for just these reasons.

What is Thirty-One Gifts?

Thirty-One Gifts was founded as a way to provide women with an opportunity to start their own business. Women can host parties or provide direct access to fashion accessories including purses, travel bags, totes and others created with fun, bold fabrics. All items can be personalized to add to the fun for both the seller and buyers. These accessories are designed to be beautiful, mimicking the latest fashion trends, but also offer an air of practicality for women that are out and on the go. Styles and accessories will often be rotated through the seasons, providing pieces that are ideal for the time of year and the current fashion lines that are being featured in stores.

Who are Thirty-One Gifts Consultants?

Thirty-One Gifts consultants are independent business women that are involved in the direct sales of products from Thirty-One Gifts. Consultants are partnered with a mentor and provided with a full consultant kit that will help to teach you everything you might need to know to get started with your business. This includes advice on how to find buyers or host parties to sell merchandise once you have signed up. All prices are set at reasonable levels by Thirty-One Gifts so it is easy to get a business up and running without worrying about these logistics.

How to Become a Thirty-One Gifts Consultant

In order to sign up to become a Thirty-One Gifts consultant you must have access to a computer that has internet access. To get started, go online to the Thirty-One Gifts website and find the button marked “find a consultant.” If you would like a current Thirty-One Gifts consultant you know to act as your mentor, click the “locate my consultant” button and find their name. If you do not plan on using someone you know for this step, click the “find a consultant” button and follow the instructions that appear to find a consultant that seems right for you. Once you are connected with this consultant, they will provide you with guidance to help you start your business and get the most out of your sales experience.

Company Website :

Once you are signed up as a Thirty-One Gifts consultant visit the consultant website. You can log in with the User ID and password you set up on the previous page to get information about the latest offers and products you can sell through Thirty-One Gifts. The stock changes regularly so you will always be able to promote new and exciting products to your customers. This helps to ensure that you will be able to generate repeat business that is essential to your financial success.

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