Apply For The Home Depot Credit Card

The Home Depot is one of America’s biggest retailers for consumers and businesses to go buy tools, and everything related to home improvement. They operate in every state in the United States, as well as Canada, Mexico and other smaller country’s. Most of their warehouse style stores are over 100,000+ square feet, with their biggest location at a massive 220,00+ square feet.

Why Get The Home Depot Credit Card:

They are the haven for home improvement people, and tool junkies to go, so its no question they offer one of the best credit card programs with benefits for their users. Home Depot offers  all their credit card holders with updated benefits program, so be sure to check monthly to see what new rewards you may be eligible for just for using your Home Depot card. Most consumers use their credit card to pay bills, or just pay for their daily essentials and all the expenses goes to the card then you just pay the card balance each month. Which makes the Home Depot credit card so special. Fun Facts:

  • They employ over 330,00+ employees.
  • Founded in 1978 by four capitalist.
  • Same headquarters in Georgia since 1978.
  • In 2000, they got a new CEO of operations. Robert Nardelli
  • When they housing market declined, Home Depot was forced to lay off over 7000+ employees.

Apply For The Home Depot Credit Card

Step A – Go to the home page of their site at

Step B – Click “credit center” on the top right of the home page.

Step C – You will be prompted with 4 different type of credit card options, select the one that applies best to you.

1.Consumer Credit Card (regular shopper)

2.Commercial Revolving Charge Card (mom and dad pop type business shopper)

3.The Home Depot Project Loan ( home building)

4.Commercial Credit Account (big business shopper)

Step D – After selecting the credit card option that applies to you, next you will enter personal information they required.

Step E – Wait for credit card in the mail and check your email for information they sent regarding the card option you selected.

Note : Each Home Depot credit card option offers different rewards to their members, so make sure to choose accordingly to what fits your situation best.


  1. fuel discounts
    was very difficult to understand exactly what you’re offering I had one of the clerks explain it to me
    I was looking at it from the point of view if I spent $4000 you give me four dollars a gallon when I buy gasoline that’s more than the gasoline cost so are you going to put additional money on my account I don’t get it sure of not the only one of don’t get.
    I tried to enroll and I went to Home benefits I found myself looking at a number of selections on the webpage that were all sorts of Home Depot addresses none of them would go to that exact address in your flyer I couldn’t figure it out I gave up hopefully you can explain it to a common man like myself what website do I have to go to directly not through an alternate page I have a rotating commercial account. Thank you

  2. I received a flyer in with my billing indicating I can now enroll to obtain fuel discounts, 60 days to pay and automatic 1 year returns. To enroll I was to go to at I didn’t see that anywhere so how do I sign up for this????

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