Texas Surcharge: TX New Program Aimed Towards Safe Driving

Safe driving practices is something everybody should be doing while driving on the road. Every driver wants to get from point a to b as quickly as possible. But safety is the most important thing you need to always have on the back on your mind, whether you are a driver or a bystander just walking down the street. You cannot predict the future and what may occur but you can be prepared and cautious while you are on the road this could will keep you and the people around you from coming in harms ways. So don’t forget the golden rule of driving, Buckle Up and always be aware of your surroundings.

About Texas Surcharge

Texas Surcharge is safety department with a sole dedication to provide their citizens tools and services to ensure driver stay safe while driving on the road.  Everyone in Texas is busy and wants to get to get to their destination as quickly as possible. With so many people on the road and accidents happening left and right. The Texas Department of Public Safety is ran by the state of Texas to promote the importance of driving safety to their residents to keep everyone safe.

Texas Driving Fun Facts

  • You will get fined if you use a cellphone and drive simultaneously.
  • If you pass a school bus with the stop sign up you will be fined if you attempt to pass the bus.
  • It is mandatory to stop or slow down when you see a Txdot vehicle trying to get past you. Otherwise there is a heft fine to pay.

How To Apply & Learn From Texas Surcharge

A. You will first visit the main website – www.txsurchargeonline.com

B. Now you will click on “Online Services”. This will direct you to the page to sign up for the surcharge program.

C. Now input your drivers license or ID number.

D. Then input your birthday, last name , and zip code.

E. After you submit the information you will be signed up for the Texas Surcharge program.  Make sure you read the FAQ section of the site to help you understand more about the program and what they strive to do.

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