Family Dollar – TellFD Win $500 Customer Survey

Family Dollar is a popular store in North America it was founded in the late 1950’s with 1 location in Matthews, North Carolina. Today the store has over 7000 stores across North America. The store was started with one vision to bring affordable goods to the consumers at home. For years the store has been confused with as a dollar store because they carry many items for a dollar, but they try to conceive the image of being a whole goods stores more like a market with retail products like clothing and home goods.

About Family Dollar:

Leon Levine discovered Family Dollar in the late 1950’s, he was only 21 years old and opened his first location, from there the business skyrocketed to what it is today with over 7000 locations by the 1990’s they were opening a staggering 900+ stores. By the mid 2000 they were only opening couple 100 new stores per year. Currently in 2013 they are not doing as well as the past with technological growth and new technologies people are not as willing to go to the store to buy things, when they can do it in the comfort of their own home.

Family Dollar Fun Facts:

  • They are not just a dollar store,
  • Their warehouses combined length is 9 miles long.
  • In 2011 they made over 8.5 billion dollars in revenue
  • They accept food stamps on many of the qualifying foods.


  • A computer with internet.
  • Have you receipt from Family Dollar from a recent purchase.

Family Dollar – Take TellFD Survey for chance at $500 Prize:

Step 1 – Go to to begin the customer satisfaction survey.

Step 2 – Choose your language.

Step 3 – Enter the survey code located on your Family Dollar receipt.

Step 4 – After that enter your name, email, phone and press continue.

Step 5 – Next give your feedback regarding your experience you had in store at Family Dollar, this helps the store know how they can better their customer support to make your visit at the store a better one.

Now you should be done with the survey and entered in for your chance at the $500 feedback survey.

Advantages To Consumer:

  • Chance at winning a $500 to use on whatever you want.
  • When you give Family Dollar your feedback about the store it helps the store understand how your visit at the store was and what they can do better to offer you a better customer experience.


  1. I really love and enjoy shopping at Family Dollar . I can buy some of my grocery’s with the exception of the meat ,I get can even get milk and egg’s , bread. when my grand daughter was a baby I would get diaper’s, wipes, milk bottle’s, shoe’s, sock’s . house shoes, pajamas, cloth’s .I also buy thing’s for my apartment . picture frame’s wall decoration, clock’s ,radio, table cloth’s for my patio, flower’s to take to my mom grave site, shower curtin , all my snack’s , my coffee, all kind of candy , trash bag, baggies ,I even buy my under ware, bra’s , boot’s for winter. The other day my son needed some boxer short’s I was able to get them at family dollar . And most of all my Birthday and Christmas wrapping paper card’s and ,and all kind of toy’s . all the tool’s for my garden , even oil for my car ,All kind of make up ,cosmetic’s phone with calling card’s ,kitchen utensils ,bowl’s , like I said every thing but meat ,I l LOVE IT ALL .TY

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