Take The Tell Subway Survey To Share Your Feedback To The Company

Customer satisfaction is very important to companies. When services meet or exceed customer’s expectation then the company is on the right track. Doing a survey is efficient in getting information about customer’s feedback. The Tell Subway Survey is utilized to get what customer’s think and feel about the services provided. The survey serves as the media to communicate with customers. The survey is available to more than 80 countries where Subway Restaurant operates. Subway Restaurant was founded by Fred DeLuca and Dr. Peter Buck. It is very remarkable that the store started with a simple idea to sell sandwiches. The two men started the company with a small store back in 1965. Today, it has over 25,000 Restaurants in 83 countries around the globe. They are now one of America’s Top Global Franchises.

Making A Change At Subway

This year marks the 47th year of Subway Restaurant’s successful operation. In spite of their huge success in the restaurant industry they remain committed in achieving customer satisfaction. The chain specializes in salads, submarine sandwiches, roast chicken, wraps, cookies, pizzas and doughnuts. The restaurant’s set of menu varies between countries and markets according to the taste of the individuals. So if you have a recipe to recommend to the company, you should take the survey now. The survey is efficient and effective. It takes less than a minute to fill up. In the end, you are rewarded with a coupon code which your ticket to claim for a free cookie on your next visit to any of the Subway restaurants. To join in the subway survey is very easy.

Taking The Subway Survey

Step A -Pull out your most recent Subway receipt.
Step B -Go to www.tellsubway.com
Step C – Enter the Subway Store ID number on your receipt.
Step D – Answer questions regarding your dining experience.
Step E – Type your email address on the space provided.
Step F – Click the “Submit” button.
Step G – You will receive a coupon code through your email. Use the coupon code to get a free cookie in your next visit to any of the Subway restaurants.

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