Take The Survey4on Survey To Give Your Feedback To Old Navy

Feedback gathered from surveys has helped many companies to improve their services. Customer satisfaction is a company’s life blood that drives sales and builds success. Even long established companies such as Old Navy is collecting survey feedback to see what people think and feel about their products and services. Old Navy is holds a track record for providing high quality clothing and accessories. The company has been successfully operating for more than 30 years now. In spite of their success, they remain committed to produce quality products. What customers think and feel about their products can guide them on what needs to be improved as to the quality of their products.

Old Navy And Their Quality Service

Old Navy is managed and owned by GAP, a multinational corporation. The company’s stores are found across USA such as in San Francisco, New York City and many others. Doing Old Navy’s survey will take you only a few minutes. Once you complete filling up the form, you will be rewarded with a coupon code. The code allows you to get 10% discount in your next purchase to any of their stores. Keep in mind that you will not only get 10% discount but it also gives you the voice to share what you think and your experience about the product.

How To Give Feedback To Old Navy Through “Survey4on”

Step A. Go to the Customer Experience Survey web portal.  -> www.survey4on.com

Step B. Select your age and select your gender.
Step C. Select the answer that best fits you regarding the question regarding any member of immediate family who worked with the company in the past 6 months.
Step D. Select the country where you reside either Canada or United States.
Step E. Select the province or the store where you shopped.
Step F. Check your receipt and put the store code number under the option “store.”
Step G. Put the month and day you were in the store. You can find the information at the top of the receipt.
Step H. Put the time you were in the store. You can refer to your receipt for the exact time.
Step I. Type the 4 digit transaction code.
Step J. Type the 3 digit register number.
Step K. After you are done, a validation code will be sent to you. The code is your ticket for a 10% discount in your next purchase to any Old Navy Shops.
Step L. For any problems encountered in filling up the customer service form, click the “Survey Support” located at the lower left side of the page.

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