Take The Buffalo Wild Wings Survey To Share You Feedback

Why Should I Give My Feedback to Buffalo Wild Wings?
Buffalo Wild Wings is one of the biggest grill & bar retail chains in the United States. They own pretty much a very big chunk of the market for grills & bar restaurants. With so many locations they are constantly trying to better the service they offer you from the wings to the atmosphere when you walk in the door at Buffalo Wild Wings. As the company grows they use the feedback from consumers to change what they are doing bad, or see how they can do more of what they are doing well. In the end this is to your benefit because as they change their company slowly they are making changes for the better based on feedback they receive. Making your daily visit to Buffalo Wild Wings a little bit better each time. They are a big company, but at the end of the day they are only open because of the continued support of their valued customers.

Benefits Of Giving Your Feedback To Buffalo Wild Wings:
Buffalo Wild Wings is a million dollar company. They value your opinion and treat each feedback they receive to the highest degree. There are a few perks for your time, any future changes they do to the restaurants makes it a better place for everyone. It doesn’t hurt to take a couple minutes to share your feeling about the company after the survey you do get a free coupon to use for your next visit to a Buffalo Wild Wings location.

What Do I Need To Give My Feedback:
1. Previously made a purchase at a restaurant location.
2. Have your receipt from the recent purchase.

How To Take Buffalo Wild Wings Survey:
A. Visit the main page for the Buffalo Wild Wings – survey.buffalowildwings.com

B. You will be faced with two options. Enter your store location number located on the receipt. Or if you don’t know just press 8888.

C. Now just answer the few questions they ask about your in store experience.  Good or bad. Be honest. This helps the company know what to change in the future.

D. When you are done with the survey. You will get a free coupon for your next visit to a Buffalo Wild Wings location.

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