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Buying items from staples comes with rewards in the form of rebates for online purchases they made from the Staples website. The Staples Easy Rebate program offers customer extra services and features like hot lines to ensure and follow up on rebates. Unlike coupon codes, the Staples Easy Rebates program will not give customers massive discounts on what they buy rather, they pay full price for items and get money if and when they submit their rebate claims after they pay.

Customers who take the time to submit their rebate claims to Staples will be given refund checks which they can then use to make other purchases with Staples. The rebates given by staples aren’t tiny amounts worth only peanuts because they make sure customers get a significant amount of their money back. Customers who are interested in the rebates program in a timely manner have higher chances of getting their money back in a timely manner too.

Information about Parago Inc.

Parago Inc. is the company behind the Staples Easy Rebates program but it is not the only one they have a hand in. Parago Inc. is also responsible for other similar programs all to help in the promotion of their partner companies. The company had humble beginnings but is now a well-established partner to several Fortune 500 hundred companies. Aside from their rewards and incentive projects, they also provide end-to-end managements system for their clients.

Steps to take advantage of the Staples Easy Rebates program

What you need:

  • A computer that is connected to the Internet
  • Customers need to buy find item first
  • Items marked with “easy rebate” are the ones that can be redeemed online. Ones that do not can be claimed by mail only.

Steps to follow

  1. Check the Staples Easy Rebates site –
  2. Choose your location and where you bought your items.
  3. If items were brought from a physical store, keep the receipt. It has to stay with you until rebates have been validated.

  1. Ready the redemption form and click the “Start Now” button to start.
  2. Key in the necessary information and click the “next” button.
  3. Customers who bought products using other methods, enter rebate offer number, 10-digit order code, and your zip code.
  4. Click the “next” button and this will finish the process.

One comment

  1. This rebate system is a sham, I have called 1-877-266-6483 several times, waited for at least 5 to 10 minutes then get a hang up. I went personally to Staples and told them it has been 3 months now and I have heard nothing from the co. The staples personal said they were not liable themselves for the rebate, unbelievable.!

    I will tell my friends and family re. this matter A dissatisfied customer

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