Sign Up For Craigslists Account And Log In To Enjoy The Perks

Craigslist is a powerhouse that brings a online classifieds to the world for people to connect. Whether you looking to buy a iPhone, or looking for a job its probably listed on the site. Its pretty crazy some of the stuff you can buy online today.  The ironic thing about this site is it was founded by a guy named Craig Newmark. Classifieds used the be the section of a newspaper where people listed anything they wanted from looking for roommates to selling things.  Craigslist is striving as the number one classifieds in the United States. You probably didn’t know that if you sign up for a Craigslist account you actually get more benefits then someone who just browses one the site without an account.

Craigslist Advantages Over Just Without Account

There are a lot of people on the Craigslist. If you have an account if you list your item for sale, or utilize any other their other services. Then whenever someone sends you an email it will go through their security filter and not show their real email. This protects most people from the phishing scams, and 3rd country product scams because it filters most of it out. Also when you have an account you are able to list more items without as much hassle of verification. You still need to verify your account, but now you will not have to do it for each individual listing. Another advantages is all your listing will be shown in your Craigslist account without the hassle of forgetting what you listed and when.

How To Sign Up For Craigslist Account

A. Navigate your way to the main classified site –

B. You will now need to select the Region you are from.  Or you may select your location by State and select Cities.

C. After you selected your area, Press on “My Account”.

D. Click on the bottom left “Sign Up For An Account”

E. Input you email and continue.

F. After you input your email you will be sent a verification email.

Note: You may be required to go through a phone verification where they send you a security code to your cellular device. Just input that into you account you’re done!

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