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Kmart is a powerhouse and continues to grow at a economical rate each year. You may not know this but they are owned by Sears. Since they were bought out by Sears in 2005 have you noticed Kmart becoming better or worse? Regardless each quarter they are showing consistent growth but not as fast as it used to grow. Kmart is more then a store, its a piece of history to many people. The baby boomers that grew up in the 1960s grew up with Kmart as part of their generation. Are now older and they can still visit their local Kmart just like they were able to as kids. Just like today how Walmart is part of many of our daily lives in the USA.

Kmart A Part Of American Culture:

Once upon a time Kmart used to be a very big part of the American consumer shopping market. It seems as of lately many Kmart’s stores are closing left and right because of the technological advances in the USA many consumers are now shopping online opposed to visiting a local store and shopping. With that being said Kmart is still a part of American culture millions of consumers each year come to Kmart to buy everything from electronics to food.  Today Kmart is still running strong as a company and their motive is still the same  provide you affordable priced consumer products and foods. You may have grown up going to Kmart and still a loyal customer of the company.  If you shop at the store and want your voice to be heard and considered when they make changes please read on. We will show you how to share you feedback about your opinion of the company.  Just like every vote counts in an election. Every feedback is important in helping the company continue to flourish in a way that directly benefits you.


What I Need To Give Feedback:

1. Recently shopped at Kmart

2. Have a Receipt of your recent purchase.

3. 19 Digit Receipt number.


How To Take Kmart Survey:

A. Visit the feedback link for the company –

B. Enter your 19 digit Receipt number.

C. Rate how the store was from 0 to 10.

D. You will be taken to another page. Answer each question and then press submit.

E. After you complete the survey. You will be entered in a Cash Prize Sweepstakes offered by Kmart.

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