Sensible Portions Garden Veggie Straw Chips Nutritional Guide

If your in the mood for veggie straw chips than you should consider indulging yourself with Sensible Portions. Started as a small company in 1999. Today they sell their snacks in almost all the major retailers from Target to Costco.  Sensible Portions is a child brand of World Gourmet. World Gourmet is a food company that produces delicious dried snacks. The name Sensible Portions fits them very well because their portions are gigantic. If you buy their salted veggie chips than the 1 pound bags will for sure last you for a while. Their company is most known for their mesmerizingly crunchy veggie straw chips. Depending on your taste preferences than you are going to either love their snacks or hate it. Personally for me I cannot get enough of their veggie chips.

Sensible Portions Nutritional Information

Lets take a look at the veggie straw chip nutritional facts. They are made with sea salt and contain 130 calories per serving. Each serving also contains 7 grams of fat and 11 grams of carbohydrates. With the amount of fat each serving contains it is not as bad as other leading brands of chips. Sensible portions markets this product as containing 30% less fat than their competitors.  The upside is this product does not contain any preservatives. Preservatives come in two forms.  The first form being natural and the second form being unnatural.  The upside is each serving does contain less than popular brands such as Cheetos, Fritos, and etc.

Although these veggie straw chips are delicious it is important to note that they are still junk food. Although they do contain less fat than other brands. They nonetheless still contain fat and sodium. It is important to understand that eating too much fat or sodium rich food products is not good for your overall health. For example too much sodium can lead to high blood pressure.

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