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Life can be vicious at times when god forbid, you or your loved ones have to face the consequences which take them into prison. Life in prison can be brutal and even a single day spent in prison can be as long as a whole year. In prison, the inmates are provided with basic necessities like food, shelter etc. But, these facilities are same for all the prisoners. If any of the inmates want something special that could cater his specific needs, then he has to rely on his loved ones to send him a care package. The items allowed in a care package for an inmate can have food, clothes, toiletries and some electronic items as well.

Staying In Contact With Inmates

Many courier companies these days offer services of sending care pack to the inmates in jail. Mycarepack is one of the leading courier companies which look after all the hassle of sending a care package to an inmate in jail. The Rules and Regulations should be checked at Mycarepack website as what is allowed and what isn’t in a care package. The weight of the care package should not exceed 15 pounds as per the jail standards. Sending a care package process to an inmate in jail is simple with just following a few steps. You have to sign up at their website, give identification information of the inmate in jail, make the payments and the courier service provider would look after the rest of the things. The courier company also gives the facility of collecting the care package from your home or you can otherwise drop it in their nearby office.

How To Login MyCarePack To Send A Package To A Inmate

Step A – You will need to visit the MyCarePack Login Portal ->

Step B – Select the state your inmate is located.

Step C – Select the facility that your inmate is located.

Step D – Select the type of product you are sending your inmate.

Step E – After you selected what you would like to send. Add those product to your cart and checkout.

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