Sell Avon Through The YourAvon Representative Program

What is Avon?
Avon is the leading beauty and personal care provider in the USA, as well as the UK and other select countries. Their target market is mainly women looking for beauty supplies such as makeup and other personal care products. They are part of a billion dollar industry with many smaller competitors. They are a brand that is well known among women across the world so its no question that you will find many business owners or entrepreneurs that want to sell Avon products. Which is how the YourAvon Representative Program was born.

Avon Representatives Near You:

You may have noticed many stores in your local shopping areas sell Avon products. Guess what? They are all YourAvon representatives, they buy their products through the YourAvon representative program and then are able to resell to the community. Many companies have program similar to this to distribute their products to resellers also known as store owner, business owners, and entrepreneurs. You must note you cannot legally buy and resell Avon products if you are not part of the representative program.

Requesting YourAvon Representative Info To Join (Part 1):

1. Go to the main site for representatives. –

2. Click the “Not a representative picture located on the bottom right.

3. Fill in your First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone Number, and Zip Code. (If your were given a reference code then fill it in, otherwise leave it blank)

4. After filling all the required forms, now press the “Request Info” button located on the bottom of page.

5. Now check your email you should be given a Account Number, District Number if you were approved to become a representative.

6. Now move onto part 2 of creating your account.

Creating YourAvon Account (PART 2):

1. Go back to representatives page.

2. Enter Account Number. (given by Avon through part 1)

3. Enter District Number.  (given by Avon through part 1)

4. Enter Last 4 of your SSN.

5. Once your press “continue” and register a password will be sent to your email address.

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