Sears Choice Rewards Card Perks

The Sears Reward program is a point-based rewarding program using which the buyer earns a point for every dollar spent using their Sears MasterCard. Once the buyer has accumulated adequate amount of Sears points, they can redeem them for purchasing household appliances, gift cards, to pat hotel accommodation bills among other things. There is no limit to how many points a buyer can earn; however, there is an expiry date for points within which they have to be redeemed.

On registering for the Sears MasterCard, users automatically become members of the Sears Club Points Program and earn up to 2% of their spending as rewards. The card is accepted by merchant locations that accept MasterCard, so the customer must be aware of the stores where they can accumulate Sears reward points.

A Brief History of Sears

Sears, Roebuck & Company is a multinational chain of departmental stores and is second to Wal-Mart alone in terms of size. The store caters to clothing, electronics, grocery, household appliances, furnishing etc. and offers a vast range of products in various categories under a single roof. The Sears MasterCard was launched by the Sears Canada Bank which was later taken over by JP Morgan and Chase, who are the current issuers of the Sears Card and Sears MasterCard. The Sears Reward program is one of the richest rewarding programs in America and millions of people are currently enjoying the benefits of the Sears Rewards.

Where is Sears Card Accepted?

The Sears MasterCard is accepted by all stores that accept MasterCard. The stores that accept Sears card are Kmart, Sears,, Lands End etc. Both the cards are acceptable in several international destinations as well where the Sears or MasterCard brands are present. In Kmart and Sears store, users can also avail the Temporary Shopping Pass in case they forget their Sears Card at home.

Procedure for earning Reward Points from Sears


  • Visit the website of any bank offering Sears Card or Sears MasterCard and fill in your personal details –
  • After the details are verified the card will be issued
  • Once you become a Sears Card/ MasterCard holder, you become eligible for the Sears Rewards program

Claiming the Reward Points

  • Visit Sears Choice Rewards website by following the link 1 in the reference list and log into your Sears account
  • Select the gift you would like to redeem your points for from the  five available main categories –
    • Gift Cards
    • Merchandise
    • Special Rewards
    • Travel
    • Lands’ End
    • There are numerous subcategories under each category that the user can visit to select a product of their choice. If they are looking for something specific, they may simply use the Search option
    • Every product requires a requisite amount of points and you can claim a product only if you have adequate points for the same
    • After selecting your merchandise, follow the procedure to claim it
    • If you have any queries, you can visit the FAQ page OR read the terms and conditions of the reward program for further clarifications

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