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Safelink wireless is offer a free cell phone service program for low income families living in the United States.  If you are in other government assistance programs you may be eligible for this as well.  Safelink is a sub company of Tracfone one of the worlds leading cellular providers, this is a company based on helping people and families on government assistance or low income. Please view the list for the most common qualifying programs that most the customers are in, chances are if your already in one of the programs you will qualify for the Safelink free phone service.

About Safelink

Safelink wireless provides phone to government help programs, perfect for the elderly for emergency phones all the way to the frugal families.  They are also known under other alias such as Telcel America, Net10 Wireless, Straight Talk, Tracfone. They were founded in 1996 and based in Flordia. Today they operate all around the world, their child company Tracfone is the largest cellular provider in Mexico controlling over 50%+ of their mobile phone market shares.


  • Completely Free cell phone service
  • Perfect if you have a elderly parent or loved one living alone.
  • You can take it anywhere you go and use it freely.
  • You get 250 minutes of talk time per month.
  • You get 1000 text per month.
  • Get a Safelink phone number

What do I need to apply?

1. Be a low income citizen in the United States.

2. Have a computer with internet capable access.

3. Not already be a Safelink wireless customer. Wireless Free Cell Phone Assistance Program

Step 1 – Visit the official site –

Step 2 – Enter your zip code, then press “go”

Step 3 – Enter your personal information, then press “apply”

Step 4- Confirm the confirmation mail and follow instructions.

Step 5- Wait for your phone to be delivered.
Note: You will receive 1000 text and 250 minutes per month free to use.


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