How To Register & Login Your Citi Prepaid Card Online

What Is Citi Prepaid?

In todays economy its important to be part of reward systems to places your frequently spend money. Sometimes a dollar saved can really add up over time when you are saving many dollars. If you already a member of Citi did you know that they offer a Citi Prepaid a reward system by Citi Bank. They offer it in the form of a prepaid credit card. When you spend money on your daily essentials with your Citi Credit Card you get points that goes towards rewards and the rewards and transferred to cash in your Citi Prepaid card. Its always nice to know when you spend money you actually earn rewards that are translated back into reward system. Its always important to pay you credits cards on time to avoid any nasty bills.

What You Need:

1. Currently be a member of Citi Bank.

2. Have your Citi Prepaid card that has been mailed home.

How To Register & Login Your Citi Prepaid Online:

A. Visit the main site for Citi Prepaid Services –

B. If you are a first time user with an inactivated card. Click the “First Time User” link located under the sign in box.

B.  Now take your card out and fill in card number and security code.

C. Now click the “Next” button and you will be redirected to complete your information.

D. Now your card is activated.

Important Reminder: This is a Prepaid Credit Card. It is not linked to your credit. This card is basically the cash back you get from your rewards in a form of plastic credit card useable anywhere MasterCard and Visa card are accepted. Also remember each card comes with a expiration date so please keep that in mind. Many consumer that get these cards forget to use the card and they expire. So don’t let yourself be another statistic like those people and remember to use it.

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