Register BlueBird Card Bought From Walmart Online

American Express and Walmart have come up with a creative way of banking. The Bluebird is a checking and debit card which offers new features. The Bluebird is filled with exciting new offers without additional expenses on your end. With Bluebird card you can do direct deposits, pay bills online and add checks using your Bluebird Mobile App. It has bank-like checking account qualities and does everything online. Going to the bank is no longer a hassle. Also, you earn points and save money. Candidly, the ripe time has come to move on from traditional banking system. It’s time for a world class and convenient way to manage money.

Using Your Bluebird Card That Was Purchased At Walmart

Bluebird Card is FDIC insured so you don’t need to worry as to how secure it is. Also, there are no annual or monthly fees. It is totally free to open an account online. The company believes that your money belongs to you so they get rid of any additional costs in using the card. There are no hidden costs for any foreign transactions, card placements, etc. It’s best to get your Bluebird card now! It’s time to shop and pay your bills the easy way. You can get a temporary card in any participating Walmart shops with a set up kit for only $5. Not only is it affordable it is economical because you can manage all your finances all on one card.

How To Register Bluebird Card Online

Step A. Go to Bluebird site ->

Step B. Take out your card that was purchased at Walmart or any other participating retailer.
Step C. Go to Register Now where you will be redirected to the registration page.
Step D. Tick yes or no to answer the question if you purchased a temporary card at Walmart.
Step E. If your answer is yes, provide information about your temporary card number and security code. And then fill-up the name, address and phone number.
Step F. If your answer is no, fill up the name, address and phone number.
Step G. Check the boxes which confirms that you understand and agree with Bluebird’s consent statement, Important Notice Concerning User Privacy and Member Agreement.
Step H. Click Agree and Continue to proceed.
Step I. Afterwards, you will receive a permanent Bluebird card number in 10 days or less.
Step J. When you receive the card, you must activate it within the given period.

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  1. I’m able to use my bluebird American express card, but when I want to login to my account it says invalid account user. I registered it the same day I loaded it. What do I do to get into my account? Help

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