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Walmart is a store that services millions everyday. They started as a store selling mainly home goods then expanded to a grocery store, electronics stores, and pharmaceuticals department. Walmart is a store where consumers can visit to buy food, medicine, sports equipment, and nearly anything you would need to need to have all under one roof. Walmart now offers a buyers protection warranty plan offered on many of the products around the store for a 3 month warranty from the original purchase date of your product.

About Walmart:

Walmart is an all around American superstore, they operate one of the biggest stores in America. They have over 2 million employees across all its stores. It was started in 1960′s by the Walton Family. Today the overall company has a net worth of over 300 billion dollars. Walmart operates under over 50 names around the world and have over 8000 stores across the planet they are the most popular well known brands around the world known for providing discounts for the consumers which makes it so popular.

Walmart Fun Facts:

  • In 2007 Walmart was sued for “gender discrimination”
  • They operate under over 50 different brand names.
  • The average Walmart customer’s income is under the average compared to national statistics.
  • Sam’s Club is a also a Walmart company.
  • Over 69% percent of employees quit Walmart within their first year of working there.


  • Be able to access the internet
  • You must have previously purchased something from Walmart that is applicable for the “buyer protection warranty”
  • Warranty on different products vary
  • You must register your product within 3 months of purchase date to be applicable.

How To Apply for Walmart Buyers Protection Warranty :

Step 1 – Visit

Step 2 – Press “Get Started” located on the middle right of the web page.

Step 3 – Then just check “yes” I bought my product at Walmart

Step 4 - Put your name

Step 5 – Put your email

Step 6 – Put your phone number

Step 7 – Now just press “submit” and your finished.

That’s all now your product is now registered for the Walmart buyer warranty.


  • If your product breaks you will be applicable for replacement or a refund.
  • It takes 2 minutes to register your product for a peace of mind knowing your product is under warranty.


  1. My snapper lawn mower is not working I bought it on 8-3-2013 and something is already wrong with it I did purchase the extended warranty in addition to the warranty that walmart has on it. I have the confirmation on the warranty and the receipt for the lawn mower. What is my next step to obtain another mower

  2. This is going to be good for the upcoming blackfriday deals

  3. my tablet is not working any more

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