Plan For Your Retirement With Jhpensions (John Hancock)

It is important to plan for you retirement.  A financial plan for your upcoming retirement could mean you spend your golden years alt more stress free and not have to worry as much about your finances. You work hard most of your life to put money into your 401k to ensure you live your retired years without worry of money. We understand this can be a bitter sweet moment for you retiring but on the other hand its time for you to enjoy your life without the daily stress 9-5 work day. In America we strive ourselves towards a better life, after years of work you deserve to enjoy your golden years in peace and harmony.

What is Jhpensions:

They are a Life Insurance provider dedicated to helping you plan for a better tomorrow. Its hard to think about the future sometimes because it always seems so far away. But there is not always going to be a tomorrow so planning for your future is important because it gives you and your family a safegaurd blanket for that rainy day that always comes sooner or later. With Jhpensions ( John Hancock ) they provide you with industry quality insurance for your future. Mostly dedicated to the older generation who are planning to retire soon.

What Do I Need:

1. Contract Number from Jhpensions

Register and Login Jhpensions:

A. Go to the Main Jhpensions John Hancock Retirement Website –

B. Click the “Register Now” button located at the bottom left of the page.

C. Now you will be asked to enter the three following sign up fields.

1. Input contact information.

2.Select a username and password.

3. Activate account and enter a contract number. ( contract number is given by Jhpensions)

D. Your account is now active and you can now login your John Hancock account online anytime.


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