Take The Tell Pizza Hut Survey Online For Chance At $1000 Sweepstakes

If you live in a civilized area in America. It is almost impossible to travel around the country and not see a Pizza Hut chain. They are in located in so many different countries around the world. This makes them one of the worlds most popular pizza franchises in the world. For you pizza enthusiast out there that visit that visit the restaurant often. Something that you will notice is their immeasurable quality of service and food they provide to each customer. For me, I love cheese pizza with lots of olives. I can eat it breakfast, lunch, dinner, and than again the next day. I don’t think I know anybody that hasn’t heard of Pizza Hut. They are really that huge and hard miss out on.

Improving Quality Of Customer Service And Food At Pizza Hut

In order to ensure all its outlets in the United States are on the same high standard, Pizza Hut has created an online customer satisfaction survey to collect your strong feedback about their diners. The online portal is meant to promote and improve Pizza Hut’s customer service and any food quality concerns. With all the comments collected, the Restaurant will use them to ensure a continued high satisfaction rate among overall quality with their customers. The survey portal also carries the benefit of automatically entering yourself into their sweepstake that gives out cash prizes. As of April 2014, $1,000 cash prize will be given away to one lucky winner each day.

How to Take Participate In The Pizza Hut Survey Online

Step A: Go to their designated website at -> www.tellpizzahut.com
Step B: Select your preferred language in either English or Spanish.

Step C: Enter the 4 to 6 digits store number which can be found at the top, middle or bottom of your receipt.
Step D: Enter the date and time of your purchase together with the amount you had spent.
Step E: You will then be given a series of questions regarding your experience with Pizza Hut.
Step F: Once you have completed the survey, you will automatically receive 10 entries to the sweepstake and stand a chance to win $1,000.

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