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Pandora is the source for people who love music to come and listen to all your favorite songs in the style of a internet radio.  Pandora internet radio is basically the same thing as traditional radio but without a host and you can listen to it 24/7. All you do is type your song or artist and the free internet radio will create a playlist and play all the related songs of the searched artist or song you typed. If your looking for a way to listen to music on your computer or mobile devices then below we will show you how to make a account to listen to all your favorite tunes.

About Pandora Free Internet Radio:

Pandora is a internet radio service that plays automated music according to your taste. They play songs based on your genre and style and will play similar songs which makes it so unique from the traditional radio which plays at random.  They have over 2k focal traits with 400 attributes to match songs to your liking.  Pandora is 100% free to use with ads to pay for royalty’s to the artist and other fees.

Pandora Radio Benefits:

  • Its one of the only free places to listen to music.
  • You can use it on your mobile devices.

Make Free Pandora Radio Account:

Step 1 – Go to the official internet radio website. –

Step 2 – On the top right click “register”

Step 3 – Enter email, password and other information.

Step 4 – Now go to your email and verify the email. Then you can now login to use Pandora internet radio on your pc or mobile devices.

iDevice – Go to app store and search “Pandora”

Android – Go to app store and search “Pandora”

Now whenever you want to listen to free internet radio just visit the website or the app on your device and login with your account and enjoy free radio music.

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