Check Nsandi Premium Bonds Have I Won

Nsandi is the United Kingdom’s form of lottery in the form of bonds. If you won you could win up to £1,000,000. Nsandi is also known as NS&I or (National Savings & Investments) they service over twenty five million consumers in the United Kingdom with over billions in premium bonds. They have been in service for UK consumers for nearly 16 years now, started in the later 1990’s when the country was in need of a way for consumers have premium bonds. They are supported by the United Kingdom’s Treasury department and frequently host chances for the consumers to win money.

About Nsandi Premium Bonds:

They are the largest source for people to get bonds. When you purchase a bond its supported by the United Kingdom’s Treasury department so you can know your money is safe. The government will purchase back your bond at the same amount you paid for it. Each month there is a premium bond prize for the lucky few who win and the prize can be up to over £1,000,000. NS&I premium bonds is Nsandi’s way of giving back to people who purchase their bonds. If you think you’ve won we will show you how to check your to make sure below.

NS&I Bonds Fun Facts:

  • Most people purchase bonds for their kids.
  • On April 2012 someone in Sussex won £1,000,000
  • “ERNIE”stands for “Electronic Random Number Indicator Equipment”
  • “ERNIE” is not random
  • You do not need to invest 30k pounds to win the prize.

What I Need:

  • A internet capable Mobile device or Computer.
  • Your holder’s number for your premium bonds.

How Do I Check If I Won NS&I Premium Bonds:

Step 1 – First go to

Step 2 –Now just enter your bond holder number and choose your draw date press go.

(Fact – They currently have over £44 million in unclaimed prizes)






  1. I have two bonds one for £1 and one for £5 dating from jan / feb 1965 how do I or is there any way to see if they have won anything
    these bonds were bought either by my wife, father or mother in-law or myself, my wife and in-laws have sadly passed away, I recently moved home and found these in a box my wife kept mementoes in
    Thank you

  2. I hyave 3 one-pound and 1 two-pound Premium Bonds that were purchased in 1959. I have tried to register on line withiut success and today spoke with members of your Customer Service Team at which time I gave my preferred password and my NS&I number and was advised that these had now been confirmed. However, I have been unable to find the correct on which to dertime the status of my Bonds. Please advise. John Cox

  3. Susannah caldicott

    My son was bought bonds when he was born which are still in my name (his mother)
    He now lives in Norway so can he transfer them and also put them in his name as he is now 30.
    If not can they be cashed out and how do you do this.

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