NCSECU Federal Goverment Credit Union For State Employees

A Credit Union only for employees means better service for you. The NCSECU is a private union for employees to handle their finances. The member only union offers all the services a traditional credit union or bank offers. They are a federally government funded credit union meaning they are not a privately owned company. This benefits you because compared to their competitors they offer a lower rate on most of their finance or banking services compared to the traditional bank that charges outrageous fee for service.

North Carolina State Employees Credit Union

If you live and work in North Carolina for an employer that utilizes SECU for employee finances. NCSECU is their official credit union for employees to handle all their finance needs from loans to banking services. When it comes to personal finance sometimes you may not know what company to go with because there are a plethora of options available in todays world. Sometimes it is more reliable to go with a local credit union rather than a big brand one surely for convenience, affordable rates, and outstanding customer service that local unions can provide because the workers and company are from the same state as you.

How To Create NCSECU Account To Utilize Their Credit Union Services

A – Visit the main page for Credit Union Services. –

B – On the left hand sidebar click on “Enroll In Member Access”.

C –  Next you will need your 16 Digit ATM Or Card Number, Voice Response Number.

D – After acquiring everything from Step C. Click on “Enroll Now”.

E – Input your ATM or Card number and Voice Response Number. After your accept the terms your account will be created.

F – Now with a NSECU members account you can login anytime and utilize their Credit Union services for employees living and working in the State of North Carolina.

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