The “My Starbucks Visit Survey” Guide

Do you regular buy Starbucks? Have you anything to say about Starbucks’s product and services they offer? If your reply is yes you should not miss the opportunity in winning $1000 by participating short survey at My Starbucks. Starbucks is known worldwide for their famous coffees and drinks. So if your a coffee fanatic or just a person who wants to give their feedback to the company, then read on below as we explain how.

Why Should I take the Starbucks Survey?

Starbucks survey is an online survey conducted by Starbucks Corporation, the largest international Chained coffee shop based in Seattle, USA. It offers not only beverage and food like coffee, salad but also provides magazines books etc aim at providing better services through offering food and beverage.  Through this survey Starbucks’s intention is to receive customers’ feedback to know how customers’ think they are doing. As a pat of their commitment to improving customer service more and more customers are encouraged to participate the survey. Upon completion a short satisfactory survey consisting of few multiple questions you will be drawn into a sweepstakes in which you have a chance to wina$1000.

How to Participate in the Survey??


  1. You need to visit one Starbucks coffeehouse and keep your receipt
  2. You mush have an internet access

The guide.

  1. Visit My Starbucks website at , and select the language you want to use from English, Spanish or French
  2. Give the customer code from your receipt that is printed on the bottom of the customer receipt.
  3. Reply  your response to each question
  4. Upon finishing your reply of all the questions, you will be taken into sweepstakes to prevail the $1000!
  5. That’s it! Many will enter, few will win. You never know who will win so it doesn’t hurt to give your feedback to Starbucks for a chance at such a great prize.

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