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Master or Visa gift cards are actually a sort of prepaid cards. These cards have a value that is set merely only to the amount of money stored on these cards. The Prepaid Gift Cards allow the card holders to purchase whatever they want to shop in all the places where these cards are accepted. The MyGiftCardSite Visa and Mastercards are non reloadable. Unlike normal gift cards which restrict the purchasing to certain stores or retailers, the Prepaid Master or Visa Gift Cards could be freely used to shop from many of the shopping websites. Don’t confuse these cards with credit cards, the gift cards offered by MasterCard and Visa in the U.S. Banks are debit cards which carry the amount only specified by the card holder at the time of card purchase.

How Owning A Gift Card Is Good For You

These cards remain active up until the entire funds kept on these cards are exhausted or the cards reach their expiry dates. MyGiftCardSite is the site that enables you to check your balance or register your card. It is important that you do not type your card number on unknown websites. The expiry dates of these gift cards can be found imprinted on front sides of cards. However, before using these cards for shopping, they are required to be activated. You can only find out the remaining balance on your gift cards, but can’t load more funds to them, once your prepaid amount is depleted, throw these cards away as they are not valuable anymore.

How To Activate / Check Balance Of Your MyGiftCardSite MasterCard or Visa Gift Cards

To make an activation or checking the balance on MasterCard or Visa Gift Cards is very simple and requires only about a minute to complete.

Step 1: Use the site URL given on the back of your card.  –

Step 2: Enter the unique 16-digit number of your card in addition to the 3-digit card security code printed on the card’s backside.

Step 3: Now Key in the Captcha code displayed in the picture below.

Step 4: Press Enter to complete the activation process or check the balance on your card.

Note: Please be cautious when using your gift card. If you let people know your card number and 3 digit security code than they can spend your funds on the card.

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