MyCleanPC Is Not Free So Use CCleaner Instead To Speed Up Your Computer

MyCleanPC is a optimization software for your computer. It is a great tool to track down and fix the issues related to the performance and speed of your computer system. Nevertheless, this tool is not completely free; you can just access its diagnosis section, 100 percent free of cost. Through this cost-free diagnosis you can only scan through your computer for the issues causing reduced performance, instability and crashes. After the scan, it’ll give you an option for activating your MyCleanPC software via purchasing its activation data online. Only after activation this tool can help you repair your PC performance issues by removing spyware, viruses, and other security threats. Who would prefer spending $19.99 in getting MyCleanPC activated when there’re several free options on hand?

Don’t Waste Your Money On MyCleanPC

One of the most well-known free PC optimization tool is CCleaner, best of all it is free! It is much better at cleaning your computer registry as well as removing infected files from the computer as compared to MyCleanPC. That’s why a wiser choice would be to go for CCleaner instead wasting your time and money on MyCleanPC to get your PC cleaning task done. CCleaner is the number-one cleaning software for Windows and other operating systems. It cares for its customers’ online privacy and renders your PC more speedy and secure. It deletes unused data files on your hard disk while allowing systems to work faster. It cleans the traces of your activities online, for example your Browsing history. All a perfect job with no burden on your pocket at all.

Let’s go through a step by step guide for installing CCleaner:

Step A – Visit the link:

Step B – As soon as this page opens, your CCleaner free download will start automatically.

Step C – However, if it doesn’t start in few seconds, press the button labeled as ‘Start Download’.

Step D – Click ‘Run’ on the dialog box that appears.

Step E – After the download, the installation wizard will help you in the rest of the process.

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