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If you live in the state of Florida and are low income you may be eligible for the many benefits dedicated to individuals and families that need the need help. Whether you need healthcare to income assistance My Access Florida also known as MyFlFamilies is there to help you along the way. The are guidelines you must follow and criterias you must meet to be eligible for any of the programs. But we are here to help you find out all the information related to your situation so if you meet the criteria we want to make sure you receive your full entitlements to the benefits you deserve to get. With the extra help you can begin living your live a little bit easier. Without the heavy weight of society and bills weighing you down.

Getting Help For With

The most common types of benefits claimed are food and income assistance. Did you know if your household falls below a certain amount you of income earned each month you could be eligible to receive food stamps and health care for you and everyone in your household. Food stamps will come in the form of a reloadable debit card that the government each month adds money into the card for you to spend at local supermarkets for select consumable foods, drinks and products. The health care comes in many forms that insure you in many ways so you can visit the doctors, dentist, and enjoy medical care to ensure you live a little easier life knowing you medically provided for and are insured. MyFlFamiles is run by MyAccessFlorida and they are a subdivision of the government ran service dedicated providing to low income families and individuals the help they need. Whether your low income, or homeless or in any type of situation there is government help out there for you. It is your job to go out and find the help you need. At the end of the day the only person who is going to help you out of your situation is yourself.

List Of Programs Provided By MyAccessFlorida:

1. Adoption For Children

2. Adult Protective Services

3. Background Check

4. Child Care & Welfare

5. Domestic Abuse Help

6. Foster Care

7. Homelessness

8. Mental Health

9. Immigration Refugee Help

How To Apply For Cash, Medical, And Food Assistance:

A. Go to the main website for MyAccessFlorida to begin registration for your benefits –

B.  Click on the “Do I Qualify” button located on the bottom left.

C. You will now be asked to take the prescreening. Answer truthfully and if you qualify then go to Step D.

D. Navigate back to the main page. This time click on the “Apply For Benefits” button located on the bottom right.

E. Since you now know that you qualify you can select the first option to apply for the benefits, then press continue and fill your information in.

Reminder: When you apply for benefits its crucial that you are eligible otherwise you would be wasting your time applying. When you apply for benefits it is a all in one type of program it includes cash, medical and food assistance. If you are approved for this you will begin receiving those 3 benefits weekly or monthly.

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