My Lowes Life Top Survival Tips For Employees

TIP 5 – Understand Your limits

Work at Lowes can be labor intensive at times depending what department you work. Most of the day you may be on your feet with very little time to sit and take a breath. This can take a toll on your body and health. If you feel fatigue or tired you need to understand your are starting to burn out. Try to find time and sit down, and eat a little snack then continue back to work.  If you cannot handle the work in a certain department because it is too tiring then the best thing to do is contact your management for a request to change departments.

TIP 4 – Customer Service With A Smile

The Lowes company is pretty strict when it comes to customer service. You know the saying the customer is always right? Even when they are not, its important that you show them the utmost respect. Lowes customer base is people looking for home improvement supplies. Once in a while you will get a irate customer. Just remember what they are saying is just words. Lowes does frown upon employees who show disrespect towards customers so just be aware of this.

TIP 3 – Build Strong Social Presence Within The Company

Life at Lowes can be pretty democratic at times. If you ever want a chance to move up in Lowes you need to be outgoing and give the perception of a strong employee that shows leadership skills. Management may look at this if you ever plan on applying for a higher position within the company. If you work at the company and you apply for a higher position who do you think they would promote?  A outgoing person they know well with a strong work ethnic and knows how to be a leader or the employee that they barely know? This also applies to life in general, sometimes to get ahead its about who you know and what they perceive you by.

TIP 2 – Show Up On Time To Work

This is probably something every employee should already be doing. Management does not appreciate when you show up late and it makes you look unreliable. If you show up late too many times to work, you will be fired. If its not an emergency then there is no excuse to show up to work late. Showing up late to work just shows you lack professionalism and the courtesy of the employers time.

With these tips we hope you succeed while working with Lowes. Hang in there and keep working hard in hopes of moving up in the company. If your lucky enough to work for Lowes, be proud and make the most out of everday. Here is the employees web portal – To know more about the My Lowes Life program just visit and login –

TIP 1 – If You Have A Question — Ask!

No one is expecting you to know how to do every job at Lowes. You are expected to eventually learn in a timely manner and do the job correctly. Most the times employees will not know how to do something and hesitate to ask because they are scared. The only thing you will experience from this is a headache and wasted time.  So don’t be a shy owl and try to figure out everything on your own. You have other co workers there for a reason.

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