Paying My Bills Online With MetroPCS

MetroPCS promotes online payments as their premiere billing option. Anyone that has a computer with reliable internet access can make purchases with MetroPCS plan or pay their bills from the comfort of their home. ATM debit cards, credit cards, ACH and MetroPCS can be used to make payments on the MetroPCS webpage. The online payment system is designed to be convenient and easy to use so you can make any necessary payments more quickly. The website is safe and secure to ensure that all billing information will remain confidential. If you choose to set up the AutoPay system, your account can be automatically billed each month to manage any outstanding sales. This way regular users do not have to constantly check their account to stay on top of payments.

About MetroPCS

MetroPCS coverage, formerly General Wireless, is a well-known U.S. cell phone service provider. The company was founded in 1994 and has provided continuous service to mobile phone users since. In addition to offering a 4G network, users are provided with CDMA (code division multiple access) technology that allows users to select the services they desire. Unlike many other major cell phone providers, MetroPCS plans does not require users to sign a long-term service contract in order to gain access to their services. MetroPCS customers are provided access to a wide variety of services packages that they can select based on the amount of service the need or the rate they would like to pay. MetroPCS coverage stores are available across the country, but all packages and phones are available on the online shopping page.

How do You Pay Online with MetroPCS?

Any current MetroPCS customers with access to a computer with internet capabilities can pay their bills online. To make a payment, log in on the MetroPCS main page and enter the zip code of the neighborhood where the service contract is located when prompted. If you are making your first online payment fill in the blanks provided with information regarding your account. This will include your phone number, PIN, CW2 security code and the amount of money you would like to pay. When you have confirmed all of this information, click the “next” button to continue. You will be given an additional opportunity to confirm all of your answers to ensure all of the information you typed is correct. If you are satisfied, hit the “submit” form and your payment will be completed.

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Auto Payment Plans

Those that plan to make the same payment on their MetroPCS account each month can use an automatic payment system in order to keep track of payment without the concern that you will miss a payment or make a payment late. To activate automatic payment plans, click the automatic payment button on the main page of the plan for the MetroPCS website. You will then be able to enter any necessary information about your account, including the regular amount you would like to pay each month. You may discontinue automatic payments at any time if you would no longer like to take advantage of this service.

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