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Mary Kay is a beauty products’ company that was founded by a woman in 1963 with an aim to provide highest quality cosmetics and beauty products. The company specializes in high end cosmetics products, skin care, body beauty, fragrance and personal care products. Despite losing their leader and founder in 2001, the company has successfully built a large customer base with its high quality products and customer loyalty and 100% satisfaction policies. The company declared revenue of $2.8 billion in 2011.

The company also provides an excellent affiliate program and earning opportunity to its sales consultants who could earn up to 50% profit by just communicating with their existing network of friends and family. Mary Kay InTouch Consultants work independently and earn themselves half of the profit of every product they sell. This enables the company to expand their market share through word-of-mouth marketing technique as independent sales consultants advertise their products through their personal experience with the associated products and not merely hearsay statements of advertisements.

Becoming a Mary Kay InTouch Consultant is not a big deal. In fact anyone can start their small consulting business where they market a group of beauty products, formulate their own marketing strategy and act on it. This is where your selling and persuasion skills are going to come in and score additional points for you.

In order to become a marketing consultant at Mary Kay, you need to be an adult and purchase a starter beauty kit that costs $100. This cost is nothing when compared to the potential gains that you are going to earn. However, you need to have a strong character, have good communication and persuasion skills, and be an excellent team worker to be successful at this business.

Here is how you can be a Mary Kay InTouch Consultant.

  1. Visit or
  2. Click on the link at the upper section that says, “Find an Independent Beauty Consultant”

  1. Then under New to Mary Kay? Sections enter your Zip code and desired language and click the “Search” button.
  2. You will be presented with a list of consultants in your area. Contact them to learn more about the independent consultant business.
  3. Ask for an Independent Consultant agreement and pay $100 plus tax in order to enroll yourself in the program.

The kit contains samples that you can use to market the products, along with guides and tutorials. This will help you in establishing your independent Mary Kay consultant business.


  1. Thanks for this quick explanation. I LOVE MaRY communication


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