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What I Should Know About LaWorks:
Times are tough for everyone. But good for you for putting effort in trying to get a job and trying to get the help you need. LAWorks is a place for Louisiana citizens that are unemployed to come and claim weekly unemployment benefits. There are restrictions and the approval process is a bit tricky. LaWorks is also a workforce center, they help you find the perfect job for you. Here you can search for jobs based on education and salary to find a job that fits your needs. They have their own built in search engine for jobs located in Louisiana. A important thing to remember is each job is different and so are the requirements and specifications so we suggest you read up to make you are qualified for the job before you apply to save you time.

What Do I Need:
1. Be a citizen of the United States.

2. Currently unemployed and looking for a job.

How To Find Work With LaWorks:
A. Go to the main site. – www.laworks.net 

B. On the top right of the page. Click the “Unemployment Insurance” link.

C. Navigate to and click “Links For Claimants” .

D. In the picture you will notice we labeled 1,2,3,4. Use those in the order shown in the picture.

1.  File unemployment claim.

2. Register for workforce.

3. View your workforce account information.

4. File weekly for your unemployment benefits.

E. We suggest you look through and read all those PDF files in the important Information section. It does contain everything you need to stay up to date for Laworks and their workforce department.

F. We wish you for the best in your search for work. It can be a hard and difficult time. But take it day by day. If something is not meant to be it wont happen. Just keep your head up and keep putting effort towards looking for work.

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