How To Login MySpace To Get Old Profile Pictures Back

You must be wondering how you can access your old MySpace account to get your old picture back? We will show you everything you need to get started, through your previous login info you will be able to access your old account again. Many of people are not able to access their old accounts even using the correct login data. Actually, there’re many people who’ve been drawn on the same MySpace login info for the years. All such people cannot even gain entry to MySpace so as to get their old photos back. There’s a rather vague feature on MySpace named the ‘Declaration of Ownership’ through which you are given a way to ask for your previous profile, even though you cannot access your old email ID used to open or sign in your Classic MySpace previously.

Nobody Really Uses MySpace Anymore But We All Want Our Old Pictures

After the re-launch of MySpace in 2013, various MySpace users signed in after years with a hope to see their data that they saved previously on MySpace to the awe of many, old Myspace profiles had completely been removed clean, except for just the profile image. Although it has not been yet announced that you would be ever able to retrieve former MySpace communications, at least you’re able to recover your old blog posts and pictures. Looking back at your old picture may be a blast of the past. But in a good way to say the least.

Here’s how you can log into your old MySpace Account:

Step 1: Go to the MySpace website at ->

Step 2: Navigate to the Declaration of Ownership form on the site.
Step 3: Fill in your credentials in the form such as your Name, your MySpace register profile URL, birth date, state/city, postal code, and user ID etc. you used while registering for it.
Step 4: The form will also require your new email ID (that’s not linked to any MySpace account yet) and ‘Purpose of Declaration’.
Step 5: After filling in all the requisite info, press on ‘Send’ and you will get new login info at your new email ID given.
Step 6: Log into your new MySpace and open the page at to retrieve your old MySpace photos.

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