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There are two main reasons why no one wants to get a traffic ticket in Los Angeles. The first reason is of course that traffic tickets are expensive and can leave quite a hole in your wallet. The second reason is that it can be a pain to pay them. Going to the courthouse to pay the ticket will take up a lot of your time that you probably don’t have. Another option is to mail in your ticket and a check, but we have all heard of the woes of the post office and do you really want to trust such an important letter to them?

Easiest and Best Solution: Pay Online!

The easiest and best solution is simply to pay the ticket online, by going to the LA eCourt Online website.  You don’t have to waste money on a stamp, or on purchasing delivery confirmation, and you don’t have to waste one of your checks – assuming you still use a checkbook in this day and age. All you need to do is go to the LA eCourt Online website – with the traffic ticket close at hand to be referred to, of course – and enter your payment information in the appropriate spots. Once paid you can print out your electronic receipt, and the task is finished and you can get on with your life knowing that you’ve taken care of business.

There’s another reason why you would want to pay your traffic ticket online rather than mail it in or pay it in person. The Superior Court of Los Angeles is huge, and busy – they accept payment on almost two million traffic tickets every single year. That’s a lot of tickets, and you don’t want your payment to get lost in the shuffle which might happen if you mail it in. And if you go to pay it in person – think of the lines you’ll have to wait in! Who has that time?

That’s why it just makes sense to go to the LA eCourt Online website and pay your ticket there, quickly and efficiently with no muss and no fuss.

Procrastination is costly!

Your ticket information may disappear from this convenient payment system 21 days after it was issued to you, so don’t delay, go to the  LA eCourt Online website as soon as possible to take care of the problem.

So, here’s how to do it.

Simply input this URL into your browser –

The information on the website is divided into several columns. The header for LA eCourtOnline is at the top of the first column, and the link to pay traffic tickets is conveniently at the top of the list.

Place your mouse over the link for Traffic Tickets and you’ll see a drop-down menu. Click on the first choice, “Pay Traffic Tickets” if you want to bite the bullet and pay your ticket immediately. Or click on the second choice, “Request Extension,” if you need more time to pay.

There are other options – you can make an appointment for traffic school, or for a court date if you intend to fight the ticket. If you’ve misplaced the ticket you received, you can search for the information you’ll need by inputting your driver’s license number.

But let’s assume that you haven’t lost your ticket.

So, click on the link that says, “Pay Traffic Tickets.”

You’ll be taken to a page that instructs you on how to pay the ticket, and tells you what information you need to input which you’ll find on the ticket itself.  (Since you’re reading those instructions here, you don’t really need to read them there!)

Go down to the bottom of the page and click on the “Pay Ticket” link.

The first thing that pops up is the User Agreement for Online Services. Scroll down and select “I agree” to continue.

The next screen gives you a list and you need to select the court where your ticket is assigned, which you’ll find on the ticket you received. You’ll find 38 selections there, with zip codes included!

The next screen will prompt you to select the law enforcement agency that issued the ticket, and will also have a box for you to enter the citation number from your ticket. You’ll also need to enter your birthdate on this page.

Next, your ticket information and the online options you are eligible for will appear. Go ahead and enter your payment information, and hit enter.

Make sure you print your payment confirmation when you have completed the transaction, and keep that for your records.

And there you go – it’s as simple as that.

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