California Lifeline Program Offers Discounted Phone Service

California has an extensive network of telecommunication serving millions of residents in their city. Due to the ever growing inflation rate, residents sometimes find themselves way out of budget to pay their landline and mobile bills. Several companies are striving hard to accommodate the phone users in lowering their monthly bills. Different companies are offering various discount programs to the residents which at least help to cut down price of one of their phones; either their landline or the mobile phone. The consumers in this regard needs to analyze that which service they use most and which connection they need a discount. Based on this decision, they can contact the companies which can help them in getting the much needed discount.

The Lifeline Program May Save You Money On Phone Service

California lifeline program offers its subscribers with substantial discounts on their phone bills. The lifeline program offers just one discount per household, either on the landline or the mobile phone. Discount on both phones is not possible. Procedure to join the lifeline program is very simple. First you need to inform your mobile or landline phone service provider that you want to join the lifeline program. Once they approve that you qualify for the program. All you need is to log on to the California lifeline program website and sign up with them. You will then be provided with your application program and your PIN number. The final step is to enter your pin number and your desired phone number for which you want to have a discount. After, the official processing, your discount will be allocated in your monthly phone bills.

California Lifeline Application

Step A – You will need to go to the California Lifeline Site ->

Step B – Click On “apply or renew online”

Step C – Enter your phone number or enrollment code.

Step D – Enter your pin and select how you heard about the program.

Step E – Click on “login”

Step F – Once you are succesffully logged in. You wil be able to apply for the lifeline program or renew your service.

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