How To Login And Manage Your Merrick Bank Credit Card Online

Merrick Bank is among one of the largest local banks in the United States. They service over 900k card holders with over $1 Billion in assets. They are FDIC insured meaning you can use their services with the trust that they are a official bank just like the big brand ones. Merrick offers customers the same kind of merchant, credit, and loan services that the big brand banks offer. Merrick is a smaller than the big brand banking companies so you can know the service you get is local and the workers are people living in the same area as you. Many customers get a comfort knowing the service and support they get is from people that share the same community as them, instead of a international company that is overseas or too far away to contact and get issues taken care of in a timely matter. Sometimes knowing that is enough for customers to become loyal to a local bank and this was the case for Merrick Bank. They didn’t achieve over 900k card holders and $1 billion in assets as a company by luck.

Merrick Bank VS Big Brand Banks

Merrick Bank offers all the same services as the Big Brand Banks. Most of the rates that Merrick offers are significantly lower than the traditional bank because as a smaller company they can afford many cutbacks that the big brands cannot. Whether you are looking for a loan or opening a credit card then Merrick Bank has exactly what you need with more affordable rates because it costs a lot less for a smaller company to run then it is for a big brand company. Compared to the big brand banks in most cases a local bank is going to be more beneficial for you.

How To Login Merrick Bank Account Online ( Part A )

A – Go to the main page of the bank. –

B – Click on “log in” located on the top right of the main page.

C – If you do not have an online account with Merrick yet then click on “enroll now” on the right side. Otherwise just enter your online id and password on the left side to sign in.

D – Now you will input your bank account, first and last name, last 4 digits of social security number, email, maiden name, birthday, and your state.

E – You have now successfully registered your bank account for online access.

How To Manage Your  Credit Card With Merrick Online Banking ( Part B )

A – Go back to the main page.

B – Click on “cardholder login”.

C – Enter your username and password from Part A of this guide.

D – You will now be able to manage your Merrick Card online.

Note: If you have your online banking account information already then you can skip Part A of the guide. Otherwise you will need it in order to manage your credit card online.

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