How To Install XBMC/Kodi On iPad

XBMC is a renowned award-winning software media player. It is a free open source tool compatible with Linux, Windows, OSX, Android and IOS platforms. Entertainment and access to useful information is absolutely at its peak with the XBMC software. It is an all in one entertainment hub. The beauty of the system is in its 10-foot long user interface. It can be connected with TV and can also be remotely controlled. The users can play videos, audios, podcasts and several other types of media files. The media files can be accessed from local and network storage media using the internet. The software is fairly easy to use with excellent user support. Moreover, the application also supports Facebook, Reddit, Google+, LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube pages.

XBMC Changes Their Name To Kodi

The XBMC despite its huge success has a name change yet again. This is the third time the company has changed its name since it was launched in 2002. The first name of the company was Xbox Media Player. The name lost its popularity since it was only compatible with Xbox 1. The first name of the company was changed in 2008. With the advent of later versions of Xbox, the name change of the company was very much on the cards. The 2nd name of the company was XBMC which is changed now to Kodi Entertainment Center very recently. The company promises to provide a lot more entertainment for its users under the new name. The company is hopeful that they would maintain this name for good.

How To Install XBMC/Kodi on Your Ipad

Step A – Visit the main xbmc/kodi website->

Step B – Open the cydia app on your iPad.

Step C – Search for “xbmc” or “kodi” in the search option.

Step D – Tap and install the app.

Step E – Now it will be installed and ready to use for your iPad.

Note: The pricing for adults, children, and seniors are all different. Depending on the time of year the tickets prices will vary.

Note: Your iPad must be previously jailbroken to install xbmc/kodi on your device.

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