Get Rate Estimate From CitiMortgage For Your Mortgages

What is Citi Mortgage?

They are a sub division of Citi Bank dedicated to mortgages, loans and other select finances. It looks like the housing market is stabilizing in many states. Its been a while since we have been able to say that. In many select areas the prices of homes have even increased leading many consumer to go to banks to take loans, refinance their homes and more. This is where Citi Mortgage comes in they are dedicated to pretty much any type of financing you need for your home, business, or rentals. Its always nice to have extra help in your finances, but be careful of any interest rates or hidden fees.

How Citi Mortgage Can Help You:

We defiantly don’t suggest you go out and get a loan if you cannot afford to handle the monthly bills associated with those loans. The rule of thumb is to have at least 8 months of income in the bank in case of a rainy day. With that being said, Citi Mortgage is one of the leading finance options for homeowners, business owners, or anyone looking to get any type of financing on a property, motor vehicles, or any other type of loan you are trying to get. But it is always wise to compare any rates you get from Citi Mortgage with the leading competitors to see what is a cheaper options for you.

How To Apply For Home Financing:

1. Visit the main Citi Mortgage official site –

2. Click on the “Apply” link located on the top bar.

3. Now select whether you are purchasing a new home, or refinancing a current home.

4a. If you are purchasing a new home follow below.

After selecting “purchasing a new home”. You will now follow the next 4 steps.

Fill in personal information > Get New Mortgage Rates > Calculate New Mortgage > Current Home Value Evaluation

4b. If you are refinancing a current home follow below.

Fill in personal information > Get Refinance Rates > Calculate Current Mortgage


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