How To Activate/Upgrade Your T-Mobile Advanced Sim Card

T-Mobile is one of the current leading  telecommunication providers in the USA and outlying countries. They cater mainly within the cellular phone market. They service people around the world and to date offer one of the fastest speeds available to mobile devices for internet and coverage areas. If you have a cell phone, tablet, or laptop and are looking to get phone or internet services then chances are T-Mobile may be the perfect choice for you because in some occasions they are much more affordable compared to AT&T & Verizon. Many customers favor T-Mobile because they offer sim cards to use with your cell phones which in return offers the customer a seamlessly easy way to switch devices. Unlike Sprint and Verizon which operate on the CDMA network which offer sim-less devices. The difference between GSM and CDMA is the technology behind them, however from a customer’s point of view it is not necessary to know anything about it.

T-Mobile Shifting To Micro And Nano Advanced Sim Technology

If you were  a T-Mobile customer before Android and Apple iOS went mainstream, then you probably remember the bulky sim cards they used to give out. The company still does offer the bulky sized sims for older phones. However it looks like the company is shifting mainly micro and nano sim for newer phones. The new sims also offer a new isis feature, which is basically a mobile wallet function that you can use with your devices.  The isis sim is going to be the future of mobile shopping. There is special technology behind the isis that molded into your sim that allows you to now shop from your phone.

How To Activate/Upgrade My New T-Mobile Sim Card

Make sure while attempting to activate/upgrade your sim to have it inside your phone.

A — Firstly you will need to have a new inactivate sim card ready.

B — Visit the website located on the front of the sim –

C —  Now your will input your current T-Mobile phone number and account number.

D — Press “log in” and you will be redirected to verify your information.

E — After your sim has been successfully activated or upgraded your phone will now be usable on the T-Mobile network. If you have mobile internet issues be sure to clear your cache on your device.

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  1. I am trying to activate a new smartphone and upgrade my new simcard to my t-mobile account #52278xxxx I tried to log in but could not. Please advise of what to do Thank you

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