Safeway Grocery Survey For Chance At $100 Giftcard

They are one of the biggest groceries supermarket retailers in the United States. Safeway’s main competitors is Albertsons. Safeway is all around the world including in Mexico and Canada. They earn about 43.6 billion dollars annually with a operating expense of about 1.1 billion dollars. They started in California and are voted 4th out of 75th in American Top Grocery Outlets. Safeway services hundreds of thousands everyday across its store sells everything from morning to dinner, everything you would ever need to make your meal.

About Safeway Inc:

Safeway was started in 1912 by Sam Seelig, and when it originally opened it was previously called “Sam Seelig Company” named after the founder. When Seelig left the company in the 1920’s they changed the name to what is known today as “Safeway”. In the 1920’s Safeway’s main competitor was Skagg Grocery’s around that time Skagg and Safeway joined forces and merged into 1 brand, Safeway and from there Safeway has just been expanding like wildfire opening many new locations each year and still offering the same service they did when they opened, an retailer dedicated to selling food.

Safeway Fun Facts:

  • 1947 was the first year the company made 1 billion dollars.
  • In the late 1950s they opened their first location in Alaska.
  • In Texas the popular grocery store Randall’s Food Market is a Safeway brand.
  • In California Vons Food and Drug is a Safeway brand.


  • Have a computer with internet connection.
  • Have you receipt from Safeway from a recent purchase.

How To Enter Safeway $100 Gift Card Grocery Survey:

Step 1 – Go to or

Step 2 – Enter your survey code that is on your Safeway receipt.

Step 3 – Select the time and Safeway location.

Step 4 – Then all you have to do is submit the information.

Now you will be entered in a chance to win a $100 Safeway Gift Card if you win they will contact you by email or phone.

Advantages To Consumer:

  • Chance at winning a $100 Safeway Gift Card
  • Help the store understand the experience you had at the store so they can know what to do better so they can better change the store to better assist you and other customers


  1. I always love shopping at Safeway. I really love the meats the $5.00 buys. Everyone who works there have be very helpful when ever I can not locate what I want or need.

  2. I enjoy shopping at Safeway all over the Bay Area. Love the Bakery and meat departments. Never a bad experience.

  3. I enjoy shopping at Safeway all over the Bay Area. Love the Bakery and meat departments. Never a bad experience. I see improvements in all the local stores.

  4. I love to shop at Safeway. It is close to the Apt. where I live and we always find just what we are looking for. The prices are very low and the produce is always fresh.


  6. 9/22/13 at 17: 06

    I’ll rather shop at safeway than anywhere else.

    • jonnie anderson

      maybe your safe way is cool but the management at safeway 10 in evergreen co are rude and don’t like any one other than the upper crust in their store.

  7. I enjoy shopping at safeway over all other leading grocery stores! great prices,great customer service,also has other resources that other stores don’t have such as: orca card refill,best energy drink prices,gas rewards,excellent seafood department,starbucks coffee stands with free Wi-Fi and the like,etc. Thank you safeway!

  8. Great service all thee time I come in there

  9. I love my safeway ! The staff is always so pleasant and helpful

  10. I had a good experience!

  11. I like going to Safeway because the prices are very competitive, and I always find what a need. Thanks Safeway.

  12. Hi i shop at the rodeo safeway, it is terrible but i guess since it is the only one aroung i guess they can get away with a lot puttingg the customer hostage.

  13. Safeway has always been a wonderful place to shop

  14. The service is always great and stores very clean

  15. collette azzopardi

    Never shop anywhere else till the isles became to skinny for me and my wheel-chaired friend. When the racks went into the isles I had to go elsewhere if I had my wheel chaired friend with me. Otherwise I can’t say enough for the Belmont Safeway on Ralston.

  16. I always feel confident that the sale price will ring up at the cash register. I have shopped at smaller local stores and always have to check that they are giving you the sale price. Many times I have caught the mistake of not having the sale price coded into the item.

  17. Good servive

  18. 5 stars overall rating customer services cashier are pleasant to customers’ needs such; as helpful finding need in the sale paper and issued rain check out of stock. I would recommend Safeway in all communities best grocery shopping. I love just for you; Safeway special $5.00 Friday’s special treats and deals. This is the time just for shoppers because I cannot go wrong yummy holiday’s sprit. I like my Safeway. Thank you Safeway worker well stocked and clean.

  19. I love Safeway. Customer service is great. I also work there. I have a few suggestions. Customers are starting to do more and more organic. I think our sales would increase greatly if we had more organic produce and advertised it. I have to go to Whole foods for most of mine. Every time I go there they are packed with people. Even with they’re high prices. Also I have been through many managers since I started with Safeway. The last mgr was unbelievable lay great with customers and employees. We will miss him. Matt Clark….also would like to suggest Justin for our store. He is a hard working assistant.. I think he would do a great job.. I know this is a strange way of getting this message out there but hopefully it gets to the right people..

    • I think that is a great suggestion Anne. It really depends on the location some areas sell better produce then others. But thank you for giving your feedback!

  20. I luv shopping in Safeway

  21. I love shopping at Safeway. I am always treated with the greatest respect. The staff is wonderful. I shop at more than one Safeway.

  22. Kathryn Z, Nicodemus

    I do all my shopping at Safeway in Walkersville, Md. All the employees are very friendly and the prices are right.


  24. i love shiopping at Sfeway

  25. Shop at safeway in Chino Valley all the time. Good values and nice service.

  26. I love shopping at safeway they have great deals

  27. The best place that I ever shopped. Every store I have been in, is clean. The produce is always fresh and the meat is the best of any store in the area. My only complaint is that you have to use all of your gas rewards at one time. I would rather them two, three or whatever I need at the time.

  28. safeway is the best place to shop at. the people there are also nice and also willing to help you out with any thing. they also have good deals. and got to love the rewards on the gas thats also awesome

  29. Because I live in Reedsport, I don’t shop very much at Safeway. I understand they are a small store and don’t have room to carry some products I use. However, If I can hold out a month at a time, I can get certain products at the Florence store. I just wish our Reedsport store wasn’t so expensive and could do away with four or five rows of one product to have room for more choices.

    • I do hope that Safeway is open to criticism. The stores seem to stock their shelves with items they just want to sell and not with items I can use or can afford to purchase. It’s unfortunate that they can not be more competitive with their prices and manage to have more of a selection in items. There are a few items and safeway brand products that are wonderfull. The bread is the best!

  30. Great service almost shopping everyday

  31. I am obsessed with shopping at Safeway,it is definitely my favorite grocery store.


    i enjoy grocery shopping at safeway because its the closes store to my place..

  33. my safeway is so clean and the people are very nice also very helpfull so happy they are close. and a great deal on my turkey.better than frys thanks again.

  34. very nice store

  35. Good services end healthy food

  36. I love Safeway because it ‘s close to the house and prices are ok.

  37. I enjoy shopping at safeway because there vegetables are fresh, customer service is good. What ever i need i could find it. Thnks for carring for your customers. Marry christmas!

  38. Super friendly personell. Clean, shopper friendly stores

  39. I enjoy shopping at Safeway. People are pleasant. They have everything I need. Get my movies every week. It’s also a lot cheaper than Top or Swanson’s.

  40. very nice and friendly service and very affordable and good quality products thanks for friendly faces . thanks Safeway

    • I enjoy shopping at Safeway. Been a customer over 15 year’s. I never leave unhappy. People are always friendly. I love how gas is low 🙂

  41. I buy at Safeway often before, in recent i did not. They know how to sell fresh food and drinks. It was in my near street so first i choose you for bying fodds. Later I did not know or have enough courage to cool down from coupons, so i remember having good food and money until i choose to spare more money.

  42. i enjoy shopping in this store because its very save and very nice service thanks good bless this company and workers thanks

  43. I was just shopping the deli at safeway in Newport wa. the deli workers were really helpful with my party needs. great lay out of a wide variety of goods and very clean. will be back again for my entertaining needs, thanks

  44. All the employees are very friendly and helpful. We feel very comfortable shopping at this Safeway.

  45. Safeway is a fabulous place to shop. I have shopped other stores with lower prices but the meats along with the produce are second class compared to Safeway. In Grass Valley, Ca. there are two Safeway stores. Unfortunately neither one has a gas station. The one on Neal St., closest to my apt., is small and doesn’t have the room to store/shelve many items but the employees are fantastic, friendly and always helpful. The other store on Brunswick is newer, roomier, has a Deli, Bakery, Starbucks, much bigger meat department and the employees are still fantastic. I may occasionally visit another store if shopping for canned goods but always go to Safeway for the fresh items. Thank you for being a wonderful store.

  46. i always find everything that i need in sefeway, thanks

  47. Safeway is close to my home, it is always clean, and sales staff helpful, always find everything I want there. Great store, great selection of products, especially fresh produce and cheese / deli counters. Bakery goods are fresh and yummy. Thank-you..

  48. 1/30/2014 14:49 [removed for privacy] Colorado springs.
    Great place to shop, close to home, clean , and great products, staff most helpful, everything one wants is to be found there.

  49. I love safeway!! this is the only place I go and the produce is always fresh, plus the prices are good.the store is always very very clean too big plus.

  50. Me trataro muy bien oy este dia. en mis conpras. En. SAFEWAY

  51. I want to comment on cashier, Kiren, who every time I come in very friendly and doesn’t hesitate to help all she can and defuses situations that arise with descruntal customers. She works at self check out…at the Stockton Safeway on Pacific Ave. Please go up to say Hi…You will see what I mean.

  52. Last visit to Gig Harbor Safeway…my sweet checker made unite of my grocery purchases and asked what I was making…then gave me two great ideas to also use my purchases for…so so sweet of him…and I did it…yum!:)

  53. Great store,close to home…….and great prices !



  55. I have tried several times to enter the store information, but have been unable to do so. I have asked for help with this matter, but so far nothing has been sent to me. I enjoy shopping at safeway, but I am dissatisfied with the lack of help on the web site.

  56. well I live in a small rural community with not much shopping only 3 grocery stores in the small community. I choose Safeway because it’s where I get the most for my money and find the best deal for the items I use. I love how Safeway tracks what I use and gives me the best deal for my money. My favorite thing about is the $ 5.00 Fridays. I’m even trying to teach my granddaughters how to shop for the best deals.

    Safeway is a good supermarket for everything. I’m glad we have a Safeway up here in Lake County. I wish they could enlarge it though.

    I like the cleanliness of store as well. No foul odors. I’m glad I am able to post on your website. I hope I get chosen for the $100.00 with our economy the way it is, I could use the gift certificate as well as many others. I was hurt at work and have been off since February 2014.

    Thank you for all you do for our community as well. That’s another reason I like to shop with Safeway is so supportive for our small community.

    Thank you
    Michele Ballew

  57. i am a faithfull shopper at safeway i love the deals that they offer there are some products that i can only find there at your store

  58. i love shopping at safeway

  59. I have been a loyal customers for years. Recently they remodeled our store in Coeur d Alene and dropped some of the products I purchased all the time. What a shame. I now go to other grocery stores to purchase what Safeway does not carry anymore. It won’t be long and Safeway will no longer receive my business. To bad I really liked the store and its employees.




  61. I like shopping at safaway. thank you.

  62. I like shop to difference grocery stores, some had cheaper price and the service was not helpful, some good service and the price was top too, and Safeway is little far from my house , I love go there, I found everything I need , the staff are very helpful, the store products all in good quality. Today I shopped to store#3472, the lady cashier Sue she is very pleasant, polite, and very experience checker, I did not spend big money, she still very helpful, she knows customers service very well, this is my first time do feed back , because she deserved, good job, Sue.

  63. I like shopping at Safeway, the deli food selection is good, and I’m glad to see the Atkins frozen meals & bars there also, as diabetics and non diabetics can enjoy being able to get that product (sugar free). The rest of the selection in the store are good also. The workers are nice and helpful too. Thanks.


    tried to do your survey……typed in the code numbers and did not accept it…many times…..should not have to be this difficult.

  65. Associate KeeKee @ store 174 has always been very sweet person as a matter of fact most of all the employees @ store 174 are some of the nicest people. Their always there willing to help @ anytime, they all seem to make sure I feel welcome every time I enter the store. And the store is always feels like a clean place. I’ve been going there every day for the last 7 yrs and never had any bad things to say about store 174. I would rate them 1-10 it would be a 9 1/2 – 10. Thank you Safeway store 174 for all your excellent services…


    This has been the worst shopping trip I have ever had!!!
    1.The $1.29 per pound ham that was advertised was not available!
    2. Hershey self stable milk is not in the store any more!
    3. Vanilla ice cream in the large tube was not of stock!
    4. Parking was very poor!
    5. The store was a mess, people stocking, things moved, just very disorganized!
    I watched this store being built from my back yard and now am sorry I will be having to go to Clackamas or Gresham to do my shopping!

  67. For the most part I really like shopping at Safeway. I especially like the ‘Friendly Service”. The produce , bakery and meat departments are excellent. I have one problem with the Safeway store in our area. They don’t keep certain products stocked. The one area that really bugs us the coffee area. We really like the Keurig, Safeway Select.Salted Carmel coffee. We have gone to Safeway at least four times this week and they never have it on the shelf. Other stores do have this type of coffee, but Safeway Select is the BEST. Yesterday we shopped at Safeway and our cashier, Terra, was especially nice. She was friendly and yet tended to business Thanks!

  68. I shop @ the Gladstone Safeway, & have for 28 yrs now and i would not go anyway else,not because of the prices but the people at my store. The a friendly, helpful and always willing to do what it takes to please the customer. The store is always clean and the floral dept. is always so beautiful and full of wonderful flowers, & if you need something special made Lindsey does a wonderful job putting something together for you. I like our people who work our Starbucks they are always coming up with new and great drinks for us to try. I love my store and it employees and i will continue to shop there as longs as they have employees like, Mary, Linda, Toni, Melissa, Camden, Nick, Keith, Kevin, Trevor, Stacy, Cynthia, Jan, Michele, Val, Goscha and everyone there. Thank you

  69. I have been a Safeway shopper since the early 40s when I could barely reach the handle on the cart. I don’t think my Mom ever shopped anywhere else. I love Safeway. I have even refused to move to a certain town because there was no Safeway.

  70. I like to but in safeway


  72. Donna Lagerhausen

    I love shopping at Safeway. Our store #1800 is so clean, the produce always seems very fresh and the employees are so friendly and helpful. I have shopped at this Safeway beginning when it first opened. I like being able to find the products without having to search because of the marked aisles. When my mother was alive, I would do her grocery shopping at her Safeway location and I could find the items just as easily because the store was set up in the same manner. I wouldn’t shop anywhere but at Safeway. You definitely have the best grocery store chain and the best group of employees. My checker today was Danielle. She is just one of the many clerks I have been able to visit with and I know almost everyone by their first names. Thank you for your service!

  73. My only comment is that trying to get to the field to enter a code was stupid. I went through 12 fields and still unable to enter any code. I love shopping with Safeway but this entering a code is out of line.

  74. Store 3500 sells too many cosmetics, lotions, etc. and have placed them in the middle of the store. Why doesn’t it put all food items together and paper products, cosmetics in a section apart from the food. I suppose it is marketing but it has never made any sense to me, regardless of which store I shop in. I am glad that there has been a big improvement in the quality of produce, which used to be terrible.

  75. I can’t enter , it won’t take my ‘code’ . says invalid but I am entering exactly what it asked for off my receipt .

  76. My shopping experience was excellent the store clerk was very helpful and excellent customer service skills very polite had Safeway recycle bags she didn’t mind at all bag up my groceries very nice said thank you and for me to enjoy my day, She made my day with her kindness….

  77. I am proud to call Safeway Store #335 “my store”. Its the only place I shop for my groceries, and the employees are all wonderful and helpful. The store is always clean and I wouldn’t think of going anywhere else. I can truly state that I have never had a bad visit at my store. I recommend it to anyone.

  78. I was in the store, early a.m. Only one cashier available. Took forever, and my stuff was melting! The checker paged for help.
    Someone who is about 5/6″, overweight, messy brown hair opened an aisle. She was visibly annoyed, and irritable. She embaressed, patronized, and humiliated me infront of other customers- as I was trying to remember my pin # she goes Very LOUDLY: “What does that machine tell you”! I joked about I didn’t hear it talking. She just glowered. I have no need to be treated this way by any of your store employees. If she didn’t want to open another aisle she should have stayed home today, because she was a LONG way from friendly! Flat out rude. Her name was Charlotte P. Watch out for that one!

  79. I have shopped at safeway for many years. I totally love the customer service of Kim P. she is always so pleasant and friendly. the younger employees are not as friendly or willing to help. If u r in an ilsle and looking at a item, they will walk right in front of u and never say a word, like pardon me, excuse me, or can I help u find something

  80. I shop at Safeway everyday I love that store I find everything that I need

  81. I love to shop at Safeway , my best time to go there is after work every week!

  82. yohana Romero munguia

    I love shopping at safwey..clean plece, always have everything I need:-)

  83. I love to shop in safeway the cashers aré so nice with the people.

  84. Always a pleasure to shop here..

  85. This store is always a pleasure to shop in..people are always friendly..

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