Government Owned FedLoan Servicing: Loans For Students

College financing can be a struggle at times. The government started FedLoan to help students find financing that fits their specified situations. Whether it is student aid, to grants and loans the PHEAA branch of FedLoan takes care of it all. You may not know this but a good portion of students who graduate will be faced with large amounts of debt. You should only borrow what you need because there are still interest rates you need to consider before applying. The positive to borrowing money is you can have it on hand to pay for your education and not worry about the fees until later. If you are able to obtain education financing through other means, we urge that you to explore through all your possibilities.

What Is Fedloan Servicing

FedLoan is a government owned loan agency. Your probably here because your a student that needs financial assistance for school. FedLoan is a low interest loan company that caters only to students and educators. The reason they only cater to students and educators is because their finance options and rates are lower than the average loan agency that charges astronomical rates for the same service. Just because they are owned by the government does not mean they are interest free, they still charge you a interest depending on what you borrow. In some cases it may be smarter to borrow student loans and grants from FedLoan because they are owned by the government and not a third party.

Apply For FedLoan Servicing Loans & Grants

A. Visit the main government loan site for school financing –

B. Click on “create an account”, you will be redirected to the sign in page.

B.  Input your First Name, Last Name, Birthday, Account Number Or SSN.

C. Read the Terms Of Service, If you agree then check the box and press “continue”.

D. After completing the given fields you will be asked to verify and login your account.

E. Then you will confirm you account through email.

Important Notice: Any type of financing you apply for is going to have different rules and rates. So whatever plans you choose make sure you stay up to date to ensure you pay back what you borrow in a timely manner.

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