Give Kroger Feedback About How They Are Running Their Stores

Kroger is one of the largest grocery outlets in the United States. They service millions of hungry shoppers each year. Their busy season is usually during the holidays when everyone is out and about buying consumable foods and drinks to enjoy for the holidays. They carry all your favorite brands of foods and drinks as well as their own brands. They operate around the world under many different store names such as Bakers, City Market, Fred Meyer, and more. Think of Kroger as the parent company of these other stores. They are all open and cater to different regions but serve the same purpose.

Helping Kroger Provide Better Service For You

Sometimes it may be hard for Kroger to keep all of their stores in check. With so many stores in different locations keeping organized and maintaining a level of customer service that you expect is not easy task. Kroger employees are working day and night in each store to ensure you benefit from your visit to the store. So that when you walk in the store all you see is clean isles, great looking foods and drinks, and a happy employee waiting to serve you. It takes a lot of hard work to run a store and they would appreciate to hear your perspective of how you think they are running the store. What could they change? What can they do better? What should they do less? These are all questions the company is always wondering and what better way to answer that question than ask to ask you. You are the one shopping at Kroger and they are only open because of your continued support.

How To Give My Feedback To Krogers

A — Go to the  official Kroger Feedback web portal located at  –

B — Pull out your most recent receipt to the store.

C — Input todays date, time, and entry number. (entry number is the 15 digits on the bottom of the receipt)

D — Now answer the proceeding question. They will all be multiple choice questions.

E — After answering all the questions honestly you will be done with the survey.

It is important to answer the survey honestly and your time is deeply appreciated by the company.


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