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Special offers and discounts have become necessities for most of the businesses in order to survive in the competitive business world. In the quest of making customers, several big companies offer free products to attract more and more customers to their business; thus boosting productivity and profit maximization in the long run. The eyewear industry is flourishing these days with several such free offers. The idea of this type of marketing is to ensure customer satisfaction and then most importantly customer retention. The idea has worked out very well and most of the similar businesses have experienced good productivity and customer retention. The first impression of the business lays the foundation of a customer-company relationship which could span a lifetime.

Getting Free Glasses From Coastal Promo

The Coastal eyewear retailers have come up with a unique and innovative idea to attract potential customers. Most of the businesses offer free products with conditions. For example, there might be an offer to buy 1 pair of glasses and get the second pair free or may be a 50% discount on the second one. But Coastal in this regard has come up with the offer of absolutely free pair of glasses if you are a first time customer. Availing this offer is very simple. You can log on to their website and can choose from a range of pair of glasses. After choosing your preferred pair of glasses, you will be asked to enter your eye glasses prescription details. Then you will be asked to enter the offer promotional code which in this case will be ‘FIRSTPAIRFREE’. After that you will be done and can collect your free pair of eye glasses from the nearby Coastal store.

Get Your Free Pair Of Glasses

Note: You will need to pay around $17 for shipping, and insurance of your glasses.

Step A – You will need to visit the Coastal Page ->

Step B – Select your gender and style of frame you want to get.

Step C – Make sure the glasses do not say “free promo exluded:

Step D – Go checkout with your selected frames.

Step E – Enter your presection and shipping info.

Step F – Enter the code “firstpairfree”. This coupon code will make your glasses free.

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