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Footlocker is a one of the biggest retailers of sports shoes and athletic wear. If you go to Footlocker your probably either a person in search for some new shoes or sports apparel or one of the millions of shoe fanatics. They carry popular brands like Air Jordan by Michael Jordan , Nike , Addias and many other popular sports brands. Every time there is new Air Jordan release there are people camping outside their stores just waiting for the new Air Jordan release so you could use a $10 Coupon off your next purchase of $50 or more at the store all you have to do is take there store satisfaction survey.

About Footlocker:

They are one of the biggest retailers at malls and brick and motor locations all around the world. They are the most popular among the teenage crowd for selling sports shoes.  Footlocker started in New York in 1967 and is one of the main sources for buying the popular brands like Nike and Air Jordan. Footlocker has over 44,000 employees and earns today a yearly revenue of about 5.6 billion dollars with a operation cost of about 440 million per year that’s very good margins and as you can see they are doing quite well.

Footlocker Fun Facts:

  • Between the 1980’s to 1990’s the company was close to going out of business
  • In 1999 a former employee was awarded $340k for a lawsuit against the company
  • In 2012 footlocker was named 446 in the top 500 in the top companies in the US.
  • Footlocker is in over 20 countries.
  • Footaction, Champs, Eastbay, Lady Footlocker, and Kids Footlocker are also stores that are part of the Footlocker empire.


  • Be able to access the internet
  • You must have recently been to Footlocker and purchased something.
  • Have your Footlocker receipt on hand.

How to take the Footlocker Survey :

Step 1 – Visit www.footlockersurvey.com to start the survey.

Step 2 – Choose your language.

Step 3 – Put your 5 digit number located on sales receipt.

Step 4 – Put your name and last name

Step 5 – Answer a few questions about your experience of the store.

Your done the coupon is valid for $10 off $50 at your next purchase at Footlocker. Just take the receipt with you next you visit the store.


  • Get $10 coupon off $50 or more to use at your next purchase at Footlocker


  1. Went to the Footlocker on Springfield Ave., Irivngton, New Jersey and the staff was very eager to help with my purchase.

  2. i like the prices at footlocker

  3. Good customer. Servuce

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  6. Ma. Filipina C. Gamalinda

    They are helpful!!!!

  7. i like foot loker

  8. Footlocker has great deals but there customer service his not really that great just a bunch of 20 year old guys who are nut heads.

  9. The Customer service was wonder…..I really like foot locker

  10. My son really like Footlocker the shoes are nice and they are pretty friendly to us when we visit.

  11. Customer service was great! I really enjoy coming when I do…

  12. Footlocker has many cool basketball shoes. When the new jordans drop the lines be crazy out there its like a safari trying to get a pair.

  13. i like footlocker but the price is crazy. I cant even get me a pair of nike without breaking the bank.

  14. love footlocker they carry great shoes and greak sale prices

  15. kimberly cunningham

    7 mile and Gratiot was really helpful with helping me get my kids shoes thank you and be blessed. I greatly appreciate it have a wonderful and great year I will be back

  16. The service was very good . The workers were very helpful I liked the different brands. I just Love footlocker, they have great survive and sale prices

  17. most up to date inventory of the hottest sneakers out there

  18. I love it I mean footlocker is a best place to shop for nice shoes like jordan nike and more but what I like about footlockers is the nice employees that help u find what u are looking for I mean u have to give them some love really and that’s why I keep coming back to them a lot so thats my #1 footlocker store so have a bless day everybody and also be safe……..bye

  19. footlocker is a great shoe store to shop for nice kicks and also the employees they are very very helpful everytime i go there to shop so im given much love to the employees and also to footlocker ….have bless day

  20. Love foot locker in my area!! They boys are cute. The shoes are new and in style. What more can you ask for?

  21. What I like about footlocker is their good customer service. They give pretty nice advice on what looks good on me and what does not. Their employees taste in style is nice.

  22. Shawndell Watkins

    Great service I loved it

  23. Florilyn Mayormita

    I like the way they serve the customer, and I like to buy for the kind of shoes they are authentic and unfading fashion.

  24. I was very impressed with the sale person knowledge of how much that new about the shoes. and the question I had ask.

  25. Love footlocker they always have the best sneakers an the latest…

  26. great service very understanding and helpful I like the way of service that’s why I back after couple days for my next boy cheers guys see you again

  27. I Like the Selection at Footlocker

  28. I Love Foot Locker and The Awsome Styles of shoes and colors

  29. I like too much foot locker

  30. Gaby,
    At the Footlocker on westside of Indy i was very impressed with her knowledge not only she sold me two pairs of shoes she had me sold on Proform in soles, I believe that Footlocker needs to take her out to EAT.

  31. Hey I m Leon today I went to buy a shoes , I real like it and say God bless u, I was there at 4:26pm 10/20/2014

  32. aplicar por $ 10 dollar

  33. I love footlocker bec .its the only shoe store i have my size and the people are helpful and nice

  34. very good service , love the slippers. going back for my child

  35. Happy wit the service 2day!

  36. Footlocker Got The Great Deals!! Shilett Help Me Out A lot Thanks Shilett!!

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