FloridaJobs File Weekly Unemployment Claims

Who is FloridaJobs For?
Times are tough and not knowing how to find help makes it even tougher. We try our best to keep you up to date on how to do things online. We know not everyone is tech savvy, but it is important to have some knowledge on how to do things online just to make your life a little bit easier. FloridaJobs is the unemployment service funded by the government for Florida citizens that have been laid off, unable to work due to medical issues, and for certain cases those with a job. There are restrictions to who can receive unemployment in the state of Florida so be sure to contact your local FloridaJobs branch for a further inquiries to whether you are eligible to claim weekly unemployment income.

What I Need To Claim Benefits:
1. You must currently be unemployed.
2. You must be a citizen of the United State with all your legal documents that shows who you are.

Note: Unemployment benefits are only for those without a job. If you have a job, work part time, or receive any source of income you are NOT eligible to receive any benefits.

How To Claim Weekly Unemployment:
A. Go to the official web page  – www.floridajobs.org

B. Click on the text that says “CONNECT”. You will be navigated a page to enter your personal information.

C. Now just wait for a mail that will state whether you are approved or denied to receive unemployment benefits. The approval process can take anywhere from 1 day to few weeks depending on how busy the office is.

D. Once your claim is approved it may take up to a few weeks to start receiving your weekly claims.

For those that are approved to receive benefits from FloridaJobs. They do expect you to put forth an effort and go out and look for a job.  Once you are receiving a weekly claim the process should be the same each week. Just wait for a check to be mailed to your home but it is your job to file a claim weekly.

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