Apply or Renew for FL Health Source Work License

In the State of Florida is the mandatory to have a license to work. The licensed is issued to you by the state and it does expire so you need to make sure you renew it. Below we will show you how to renew you work license. You can either do it in person or you can do it online. Please note once your work license expires you must have it renewed to continue work.

Florida Fun Facts:

  • Famous rapper “T-Pain” picked his name based on the State, T for Tallahassee and Pain for the struggle of growing up in Tallahassee.
  • Florida has 67 different counties.
  • Sales tax in this State is 6%
  • The state of Florida was discovered in 1513 by Juan Ponce de Leon.

About Florida Health Source:

Florida Health source is based in Tallahassee. They are open to the public and you can come to this agency get your work license made and renewed. This is a requirement for workers in Florida it will vary upon State.

How To Apply or Renew for FL Health Source Work License:

Step 1 – Visit the website to begin the process of either applying or renewing your work license.

Step 2 – When your on the website just select the option that applies to you.

Step 3 – If you want to apply for a work license, select  apply  option

Step 3a – If you want to renew your work license, select renew option

Step 4 – Just fill in the needed information needed to continue.

That’s about it, it can be very easy to apply or renew for your work license online. Information:

For citizens that are working in nearly any field you must have your work license. You can renew the license in person or you can do it online.  This is mandatory for worker in the health market as it ensures you are valid to work in the state and  is applicable to change when laws may change.


  1. to: Florida board of massage therapy .
    I HAIYAN QIN. As I ask in the letter that I send you I beg you allow me to find a way to work again as a massage therapist my old license number is [removed for privacy]

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